Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Bomb victims of latest Lahore bomb attack need your help

8 dead and 39 injured including two Christians killed in latest Lahore blast Amber Saroya our full-time BPCA officer for Lahore visited the survivors of the recent blast that ripped through Alferno Cafe. (click here) The explosion occurred at 11:17am (6am GMT) on 23rd February in the basement of the newly built cafe, which was to be officially inaugurated two days later. Eight people two of whom were Christians were killed immediately. There were also 39 casualties 4 of them Christian. Initially the Government of Pakistan declared the blast was caused by a bomb attack later they issued a statement explaining that the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder expl...

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Pakistani Christian mother Fouzia rescued again after being returned to forced marriage abductor

A Muslim man forcibly married and converted a Christian woman and mother of three to Islam, after he abducted her following an impromptu request for cleaning services at his residence on 23rd July 2015. Divorcee Fouzia Sadiq (31 yrs), had separated from her husband a few years earlier after he had secretly married another woman. Fouzia took up cleaning as an employment to help her family who were supporting her even though they were in great poverty. When her Muslim employer Muhammed Nazir Amjad (61 yrs) lost his wife he started to make sexual advances on Fouzia even though she had no desire for him. Fouzia told one of Muhammed N...

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Love for Shama and Shahzad's Children

Words fail to describe the horror felt by the church in Pakistan after a young Christian couple, Shahzad and his pregnant wife Shama, were brutally burnt alive and murdered near Chak 59 Village, Kot Radha Kishan, some 60km from Lahore on 4th November 2014. Their four children were left parentless following the ordeal at the hands of a huge Islamist mob, gathered from nearby villages, whose act of killing the couple attracted attention from worldwide media. The violence was sparked because Shama burnt occult amulet writings previously owned by her husband Shahzad's deceased father – and some people wrongly thought she was burning the Koran. A mob descended on the cou...

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Communal Toilet Facility

The average householder in Europe or the USA could never imagine not having a toilet. Access to a WC is seen almost as a natural right but Pakistani believers do not all have this same privilege. Low levels of income mean that toilets are a luxury few can afford, yet there is a dangerous risk to personal health and safety through the lack of proper hygiene facilities. That is why the BPCA intends to construct a £15,000 communal toilet facility in Jaranwala when land becomes available. We are also building five pumps in local homes and we need donations to enable us to serve 40 further Christian families. We wish to install toilets and bathroom facilities with pumps aff...

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Here Is How Your Donations Help:Thank You!

                      BPCA officer with the son of murdered Christian martyrs Shahzad and Shama We work with diverse community groups in Pakistan to push for human rights for Christians and other minorities. To find out more please click here. To view our latest appeals and find out how you can help please click here.

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Support for Victims of the Peshawar Twin Bomb attack

BPCA has continually been supporting the victims of the twin suicide bombing which occurred in Peshawar on 22nd September 2013. The attack killed over 100 people and left a further 156 long term casualties. The incident has been deemed the worst ever attack on the Pakistani Christian minority and is commensurate with the increasing hatred resonating towards Christians residing in the Middle-East. Our work, which has been funded by All Saints Church, Ascot and the Elim Pentecostal Mission to name but a few of the donors, has been providing free medical treatment for long term patients;  we have paid for replacement limbs, wheelchairs, and airs...

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We are collecting funds towards two art monuments to be installed in Pakistan. We envisage the overall cost for each scheme will be £10,000. A monument is proposed for Islamabad and will remind people in the city of the sacrifice made by Pervez Masih who sacrificed his life to save the 400 Muslim girls in the Islamic University of Islamabad on the 20th October 2009. This college janitor ran to shield students - a target for the suicide bomber who had entered the grounds of the college he worked for. In the ensuing struggle, Mr Masih was killed without any further loss of life or injury. Art has been an intrinsic factor to global legislative and cultural re...

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Recently the BPCA has called for a cessation to Foreign aid to Pakistan and we encourage visitors to thsi site to sign our on-line petition: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/noukaidtopakistan Aid that is targeted at Pakistan generally, particularly in education, will almost certainly serve to perpetuate the ongoing discrimination and oppression of religious minorities, given the fact that such discrimination is endemic and inbuilt into the fabric of Pakistani society. Whilst raising levels of illiteracy is good, they say, the fact is that levels of illiteracy are far greater among Christians and other minorities than among the wider population – only seven p...

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