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Falsely accused Zafar Bhatti awaits appeal of life sentence for blasphemy

The appeal of Zafar Bhatti's life sentence for blasphemy will go to the High Court on 12th of February, during which we hope his conviction will finally be overturned. An early court found there was no evidence to support the charges and reduced the previous death sentence, however they continued to incarcerate an innocent man. His wife has suffered isolation, and abuse in the community.PAKISTAN Zafar Bhatti was accused of Blasphemy on 11th of July 2012 with FIR no. 526 under the section 295-C/298-A/109 PPC 25-D Telegraph Art at Police station New Town, Rawalpindi. (click here) Our BPCA officer spoke to his lawyer Tahir Bashir of CLASS w...

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Nissar Hussain in Australia with BPCA reaching out to share his UK persecution experience after quitting Islam with Ex-Muslims and churches

AUSTRALIA:The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is pleased to announce that Australia is hosting honoured guests Wilson Chowdhry and apostasy hatred survivor, Nissar Hussain. Nissar Hussain is a man born and raised in the United Kingdom who became a Christian convert when he defected from Islam. He lived in Bradford and local Muslims, in what can only be characterised as a macabre and diabolical hate crime, repeatedly brutalised him and his family. At one point he was hit thirteen times with a pick axes outside his home and suffered a broken knee cap and shattered hand. He had previously been smoked out of his home and eventually was forced to l...

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Home Office and Foreign Office to study BPCA reports on Christian persecution as part of reviews

Wilson Chowdhry and Nissar Hussain outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office building on King Charles Street. Both BPCA reports described in this article can be bought from our on-line shop (here) from next week.  If you would like to purchase a copy earlier please email admin@britishpakistanichristians.org In the wake of the landmark Asia Bibi case, the poignant and tragic case of a Pakistani Christian woman who was recently exonerated after ten years incarcerated on erroneous blasphemy charges, a report into global Christian persecution has been commissioned. UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, commissioned the report last month and at...

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