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Europe ignores Christian persecution – claims Lebanese Archbishop

By Michael J Robinson THE NECESSITY for UK Christians and non-Christians alike to stand in solidarity with persecuted and oppressed Christians throughout the world was emphasised at events in Motherwell (near Glasgow) and London, organised by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). Each of the events – the first in Motherwell Cathedral (Thursday 9th October) and the other two days later in Westminster – attracted 250 people. The events began with Mass and were followed by talks in the Cathedral Hall. The Mass at Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Motherwell, included participation of nine schools. The choir was provided by Our Lady’s ...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan- Ahmadis

Excerpt from The targeting of Minority 'Others' in Pakistan The widespread teaching of religious intolerance; and the requirement on Muslim students that they declare in writing their belief that Mohammad is the final prophet, thus segregating Ahmadis. Ahmadis are also frequent targets of religious violence, including anti-Ahmadi attacks on their homes and businesses, as well as killings on account of their faith”.clxxxv Attempts have also been made to restrict Ahmadis accessing key websites: “In July 2012, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked access to the official website of the Ahmadiyya community, Alislam.org, operated from outsid...

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Lets Pray together for persecuted Christians in Glasgow

‘Let’s Pray Together’ Sunday 23rd November, Glasgow Pollokshields Church of Scotland, 525 Shields Road, Glasgow G41 2RF We are writing to invite you to join us for a special time of prayer for the South Asian communities in Scotland. We want to share the good news of Jesus in ways that are understood and received by South Asians. We are conscious of persecution and pressures that some are facing in South Asia. And we want to pray for even greater unity, so that we can encourage and strengthen each other. You will find details in the attached flyer. Our focus will be prayer but we will also have short talks as well as time to share local need...

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Christian flood victims in Pakistan's capital recieve food and medicines from BPCA - more help needed especially funds towards building repairs.

Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD:  During the monsoon season this year, torrential rains have caused widespread destruction throughout Pakistan. This year's flooding has affected in excess of 11.4 million men, women and children. Read previous report (click here) Many villages were simply washed away and people have been left without shelter simply seeking help and support.  Rescue operations are still under-way, however, relief will take years to fully rehabilitate affected communities and infrastructure will need to start from the beginning. People need food, safe drinking water, shelter and healthcare to survive from the catastrophic effects of this flood. On...

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Zafar Bhatti blasphemy accused has not been attacked, however he still needs your prayers! Wife Nawab Bibi hopes for early release.

Basharat Khokhar, Tahir Naveed Chaudhary and Zafar Bhatti's Family By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Zafar Bhatti accused of blasphemy case confined in the Central Jail Adiala Rawalpindi, is perfectly fine and fit, says his wife Nawab Bibi after visiting him the jail on September 29, 2014. She is thankful to Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Alliance – PMA and Basharat Khokhar, Right Activist for arranging their visit to Adayal Jail. According to false reports Zafar Bhatti victim of the 295-C imprisoned in Adayla Jail was attacked some time after after the attack on Muslim victim Muhammad Asghar, another blasphemy inmate at the same prison...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan Taliban

An excerpt from "the targeting of ' Minority' others in Pakistan" A copy of the letter obtained by International Christian Concern (ICC) in October 2009 warned “Christians to convert to Islam, pay Jizya tax (an Islamic tax imposed on religious minorities) or leave the country. If Christians refuse[d] to accept the choices given to them, ICC has learned that ... members of the Taliban”, who sent these “threatening letters in Sargodha, Pakistan, ... explain[ed] that they ‘would be killed, their property and homes would be burnt to ashes and their women would be treated as sex slaves. And they themselves would be responsible for this’&rdqu...

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Muslim Blasphemy victim shot in Adalia Jail - fears grow over safety for Zafar Bhatti a Christian victim of the same laws incarcerated in the same jail!

Rawalpindi: (Shamim Masih) – Asghar Ali victim of blasphemy case was shot by the police constable within the premises of Central Jail Adayla Rawalpindi this morning. According to reports, Asghar Ali s/o Hakam Dad, A Muslim by faith and victim of the notorious blasphemy laws (Section 295-C) of Pakistan, case FIR No. 665/10 PS Sadiqabad, was being confined in Adalia Jail, Rawapindi.  Today he was  shot by a police constable named Yousaf, who was appointed for his security. He was immediately taken to hospital and is in critical condition. Mr Ali was sentenced to death in January.  Today's shooting incident occurred within the confines of...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan

Image via charismanews The extent of the targeting of Christians, noted Gregory in a 2008 report, “is instructive because it shows that violence against Christians is widespread across the whole of Pakistan, from Muree in the North to Karachi in the South and from Lahore in the East to Peshawar in the West. It shows that violence is rural and urban, including in the capital; and that it involves ad hoc apparently spontaneous acts of violence, as well as organised violence and violence in which government authorities, local and national, collude either directly or by omission. It evidences a complex and multi-dimensional pattern of persecution, intimidation and ...

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Church leader calls on UN to “recognise genocide against Christians”

ACN News: Friday, 19th September 2014 – IRAQ/UN With pictures of the UN meeting © Aid to the Church in Need  By John Newton and Oliver Maksan THE leaders of Iraq’s Christians have called on the United Nations to urgently address the growing refugee crisis before a freezing winter forces displaced Christians to leave the country. “We Christians in Iraq have a future if the international community gives us immediate assistance. Don’t forget us,” Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako told a conference at the UN in Geneva. The patriarch told the delegates that “People are disappointed how little help has been received t...

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Professor of Islam killed for calling of emancipation of women!

By Mustaq Gill, Lahore: A professor of Islam known for his liberal religious views, was gunned down in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of Karachi.  The incident took place on Thursday 18th September 2014, after a Madrassah issued a Fatwa (Islamic Decree) relating to alleged blasphemy and apostasy against him. Dr.Auj had issued controversial fatwas (religious decrees) declaring that a Muslim woman could marry a non-Muslim man, and that women need not remove lipstick or nail polish before saying their prayers. Due to such views he was accused of apostasy and blasphemy. Dr.Auj was fighting a legal case against the originator of a widely-circulated text message, that label...

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