A mother's message that brings hope to us all.

Recently we received a touching message about the power of prayer.  A mother whose son survived the recent London Bridge bomb attack reminds us that
in our time of greatest need our only hope is in God, in whom we must retain our trust.  We post it here with permission whilst protecting her

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your update, please read this to encourage you in your prayers.

My son was involved in the London Bridge attack. His firm has a branch on London Bridge and they had just finished work. At 22.22 I received a text from him saying he was locked in the toilets in a pub and there was shooting outside but he was safe and he loved me.

It was a very long night as my husband kept in contact via phone directing my son away from the areas where there appeared to be more conflict.

My Grandfather and Father were in the SAS and special forces but not even they can protect during those first few minutes, that time really does belong to God and His sovereign mercy.

As it turns out, my son appears to have been an 'angels wing' away from harm and I truly believe this as in answer to heartfelt prayers from people like yourselves who genuinely care.

My hearts cry is for all those that have suffered loss during these attacks and subsequently the devastating fire, but my heart is also humbled and deeply grateful for the sovereign mercy on my family. We have suffered loss in the past and experienced the wonderful grace and care of God to see us through, but to receive grace and love and care from God without the loss of my child is truly humbling. I am deeply grateful for the prayers of all those who love our Lord Jesus.

May God bless you and continue to give you the grace and strength you need to continue in your work,

With many thanks