Acid Attack at Nottinghill Carnival forces BPCA Chairman to flee event with family

On Saturday 6th August whilst attending ‘Family Day’ at Nottinghill Carnival Chairman of the  BPCA found himself having to navigate his family safely
home after an acid attack occurred at around 7.55pm.  Fortunately for Mr Chowdhry and his family they had just moved away from Ladbroke Grove
whilst reporting an unattended bag to a police officer when the incident occurred.   

As they finished with the Police officer a call warning of an acid attack could be heard on his CB radio which was followed by a stream of people screaming
as they passed the family. Though Mr Chowdhry’s young daughters were frightened they did not panic and clung to their parents as they walked at
a fast pace to their vehicle. 

 At 8.04 only minutes after the attack Mr Chowdhry wrote a post on his FB page warning people of the attack that had caused him to flee the event.

Mr Chowdhry, said:

“My wife and I went through a terrifying moment worried about our young daughters which was magnified by the number of screaming individuals who were in a real state of panic. We had to keep our panic down as our children sought solace through us but I kept thinking another attack was imminent.  It seemed  a terribly long journey to our car though it was only a 400m distance.

“The attack marred what otherwise would have been a wonderful day of revelry.  My daughters had wanted to return the next day to attend the memorial for victims of Grenfell but we had to cancel a repeat trip through fear of a recurrence. These hooligans have dishonoured the many victims of the tower tragedy.

“I hope that tighter laws are implemented preventing people purchasing such dangerous chemicals with the consummate ease they currently enjoy.  Perhaps ID documents should be checked and recorded as a mandatory provision, at least thist would allow for potential suspects to be traced with greater ease.”

“The fact that warring gangsters were known to be targeting the carnival is frightening.  More must be done to tackle the growing gang culture in London.  Laws should be designed to thwart membership and investigation should focus on uncovering patterns of crime and factors leading to the growth of gangs.”

“Churches in the capital must pray for improved community cohesion and more must be done by help remove the feelings of disenfranchisement by sectors of our community, which only serves to ferment existing angst and schism.”

Police are still looking for suspects involved with the acid attack from which different reports say upwards of 5 people suffered injuries in this
attack from the resulting cloud of acid released in the air. A report prior to Carnival was made in the Daily Star that gangs had planned acid attacks
against young women and that concerns were expressed on Facebook about people carrying acid in beverage containers (click here).

Additional preparations were made and a beefed up police presence was garnered prior to this event to protect carnival attendees Notting Hill’s festivities
from threats of violence. Families looking for little more that some summer fun prior to children returning to school now must engage public events
with an increasing level of awareness because of the growing number of acid attacks against the public. (click here)  

Reality star Chloe Khan was scheduled to appear, but she withdrew from attending after direct threats of an acid attack were made against her (click here)

Six to seven thousand police officers were reported to be onsite over the course of the two day event held in the shadow of the Grenfell tower fire.
(click here)

A multi-faith opening ceremony showed respect to the victims of June 14th and attendees wore Green for Grenfell to remember the tragic events earlier
this summer. The ceremony involved a releasing of doves and prayers for peace. (click here)  

The Notting Hill Carnival among the west London neighbourhood had been boarded up in preparations not against the more than 2 million expected for Europe’s largest annual street party but out of concern for being a soft target for a terrorist attack such as the acid attack against five people at Bethnal Green on July 25th. (click here)  

In 2016 more than 400 people were arrested after 5 people were stabbed at the Notting Hill Carnival and authorities made efforts to secure the area

ahead of the 2017 festivities. (click here)

Attacks involving corrosive substances have increased so much that citizens are being called on to educate themselves about how to assist victims seemingly
not if, but when they happen. Whereas knife attacks may have decreased these easy to conceal substances are increasingly being used a weapon of choice,
especially in high security location. (click here)