Asia Bibi's husband desires more visits to see her!

Ashiq Masih meeting with Shamim Masih of the BPCA earlier this year after a failed Lahore High Court appeal.

In a very frank interview with the Daily Mail, facilitated by the BPCA, Ashiq Masih described the plight of his family who have had to change their place of residence 15 times in the last 6 years.  During this time the mother of five, Asia Bibi, has been incarcerated in a dingy cell in complete isolation for her own safety, and has had a very recent health scare after a period of intestinal pain and vomiting blood.  Asia Bibi was jailed on 14th June 2010 after she drank from the same well as her Muslim co-workers and then offered the same water to them.  The attack happened on an extremely hot day, and Asia had drunk from the same well before, however this time she made the grave error of unknowingly drinking from a 'Muslim' cup, which meant that she had contaminated a pseudo semi-sacred vessel.  In defence of the insults to Jesus Christ, she responded by saying:

"My Jesus died for me, what did Muhammed do for you?"

For this Asia was beaten and raped and her children were reportedly molested (though the actual attack may have been worse).  Yet only Asia Bibi has been jailed in the cruel society that exists in Pakistan.  The Daily Mail's Taniya Dutta and Helen Roberts uncovered some very important home truths about the event that may well shock you.  Here is a link to the article: (click here)

Ashiq Masih directly asked if donors would help pay for further trips for he and his children to meet with Asia more frequently than they do currently, which is only once every fifteen days.  Unfortunately prison authorities have denied their request for her transfer to Lahore Prison which is nearer to them.  Ashiq has also asked for assistance with the costs of the solicitor fees and help towards their current residence.  The BPCA continues to act as a conduit for donations and we encourage those of you who want to help this family to give what you can and enable us to do more for them.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"Asia Bibi has suffered enough for her love for Christ, yet still her persecution continues.  The world is ominously silent over her imprisonment and the family continues to pray for freedom.  We pray that Christians across the globe are moved by the revealed plight of the family and that they offer donations to allow this family more free time to visit the ailing mother."

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