BPCA working towards new report on Gender and Minority discrimination in the educational system of Pakistan

Professor Desmond Fernandes our Lead researcher is nearing the end of the much awaited BPCA report on Gender and Minority Discrimination in Pakistan.  

The report brings together key figures from a variety of faiths and humanitarian groups focused on reform in Pakistan.  Contributing writers include;  F. Benkhald a Pakistani Jew, Salma Peter John – former Speech writer for Shahbaz Bhatti, Fareed Ahmad National Secretary External Affairs, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK with contributions by Asif Shakoor (solicitor for the Senior Courts of England & Wales specialising in Civil Law) and Ghalib Lone (former UN Legal Analyst and currently a Compliance Officer for an international law firm), Peter Tatchell – Director Peter Tatchell Foundation, Sabatina George – Freedom for women in chains and of course Ranbir Singh – Hindu Human Rights Group.

It is hoped the book will be in print by the end of October.  The book will compliment the work in our initial report titled the “Targeting of Minority Other’s in Pakistan.”  Which is currently on sale, via our website www.britishpakistanichristians.org