BPCA's help sought in Children's Commissioner Appeal

Wilson and Chris Rogers during filming of documentary "Thailand's Asylum Crackdown" (click here to view)

The Children's commissioner is appealing to all children in the UK to answer 10 questions that reveal an insight into their childhood on a typical
day on video, and send it in. The video diaries will form the largest data bank ever of childhood in the UK and will show the world what it is like
to be a child in 2016.

Backed by the UN, the BBC, First News, Facebook and Twitter this will be a huge project and will  be presented to the government by the Children's

They have asked us to seek a refugee child, or someone who has settled in the UK after their family fled persecution, as this typifies life for many
children in the UK right now. 

The project will then involve filming the interview in a location that shines a light on the child's typical life, home, Church, school, sporting activity,

The children will all be asked  10 simple questions such as; what do you eat for breakfast? What are your hobbies? What do you like about the
UK? What angers you? What scares you? What makes you happy?

The British Pakistani Christian Association has been approached by free lance presenter Chris Rogers, who worked with us on a 1 hour documentary on
the repersecution of Pakistani Christians in Thailand. Mr Rogers would like  to involve a child from the UK Pakistani diaspora that fits the criteria
above.  If you are or know a child that matches the previous description and would like to get them involved, then please contact Wilson Chowdhry
on 020 8514 0861 or admin@britishpakistanichristians.org

Please send the following details to us about the child:

  • A little background on the child

  • A short description of asylum case

  • What the child is doing now

  • Name
  • Address,
  • Age
  • contact details