Christ knows only too well our suffering

Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue the discipling
those who have been already been reached through our previous campaigns. Leighton’s remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith
of Christians who have little access to regular church services setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural
communities, he is to bring revival and better understanding to Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology
and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and the need to place our trust in Him. Leighton has also been reaching out to Muslims
and we hope that soon his work will provide a dividend by bringing others to the family of God.

He has been having great success with many believers expressing revival, churchgoers committing their lives to Christ, and Muslims taking an interest in the Gospel though yet to commit to Christ. We hope with further donations to make Leighton’s role a permanent one in two years time. For this we will need the help and support of those who was to see Christ’s gospel flourishing in Pakistan and seek you help to finance this important ministry. One of our costs is the purchase of bibles that we print at £4 each. If you would like to help please donate by clicking (here).

Here is an account from Leighton regarding his first ever trip to Waris Pura:

“On the 2nd November, we undertook the long drive towards Faisalabad, going onwards to visit Warispura. I had never heard of this place, but upon arrival, found it to be a small town, with all the hustle and bustle of a small city in the UK. They were overjoyed to see us and seeing the happy smiling faces made the visit all the worthwhile. I met my old friend, Pastor Nazir from 318 chuk, where I preached 12 months before and in fact it was him who led the service for us.

“I preached from Luke 13:22-30, with Miss Grace translating, on the narrow gate. The main focus being that hereditary Christianity does not guarantee a place in heaven, that we must not be half hearted in our service to God. There are many Christians in Pakistan who will die for Christ, but not in the way Scripture says. Part of the problem is that many Christians in Pakistan, wear the Christian identity as a badge of honour, without really understanding what is required in the Christian life. This unfortunately, has led to a tribal mentality amongst the many Christian groups leading to division and rivalry.

“The narrow gate is a warning to us all, that pride in our identity, will only leave us knocking on the door, weeping and gnashing our teeth in frustration. God is not interested in our heritage or our traditions, He wants our hearts, so let us give our hearts in full service to God, who has redeemed us from the fire.

“We gave out 2 bibles to 2 younger women, which was quite surprising as refreshingly, the men outnumbered the women. The message was well received and the atmosphere one of thanksgiving. I detect amongst this community, a hunger for the Word. We also met and counselled as well as praying for 2 rape victims, one of whom now God has blessed with a good husband and new born child. This shows that through tragedy, God can work miracles, the husband is a true believer and I pray that that family will continue to grow in Christ.

“Finally, we met another psychologically scarred family, who lost the man of the house and saw a child kidnapped and sold to a Muslim family to be married. An all too family story here in Pakistan, where the weak and vulnerable are targeted easily by those who are strong. I prayed for this family and could not help feeling a sense of sadness at their plight. But prayer is a mighty weapon and we must step out in faith and stand fast in this day of evil, trusting in Christ to deliver us. My prayer is that Jesus will show himself to these families, that in their trials, there is a glorious redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ who knows only too well their suffering. Let us stand together now and be united in Christ and strive to see families restored and the Kingdom grown all for His glory in Heaven.

“Brother Leighton”