Christians are saved for good works, let us therefore follow our calling and do our good works that God has prepared for us to do

Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue discipling those who have been already been reached through our previous campaigns.

Leighton’s remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith of Christians who have little access to regular church services setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural communities, he is to bring revival and better understanding to larger Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and the need to place our trust in Him.

Leighton has also been reaching out to Muslims and we hope that soon his work will provide a dividend by bringing others to the family of God.

He has been having great success with many believers expressing revival, churchgoers committing their lives to Christ, and Muslims taking an interest in the Gospel though yet to commit to Christ. We hope with further donations to make Leighton’s role a permanent one in a years time. For this we will need the help and support of those who was to see Christ’s gospel flourishing in Pakistan and seek you help to finance this important ministry. One of our costs is the purchase of bibles at £4 each. If you would like to help please donate by clicking (here).

Below is one of Leighton’s recent accounts during a BACA’s trip to Kasur on 22nd February 2020:

Today, we visited the site of the planned new school, that the BACA plans to build for the underprivileged children of the local brick kiln and farming
communities of this region. We meet with Azeem Khokar, the principal architect of Khokar Associates, along with a few members of his staff, who measured
the land that the BACA have purchased for this school. This school will change lives; the local brick kiln people, nearly all of them Christians, are
the poorest of the poor and in fact, many of them are in bonded slavery. They are mostly illiterate, living hand to mouth, day by day. The children
grow up with no education, often facing the same future as their parents. They live in shacks, not unlike the old coal sheds in our backyards at home.
These tiny dwellings, will often hold easily 2 to 3 families and with the intense heat during the summer months, the hours of labour, toiling over
bricks, is enough to break anybody’s spirit. It is a tough life: add to that persecution on top and it’s no wonder that these community are filled
with despair.

The BACA have undertaken to try and change that, by building a primary school for children of ages 5-11, with a nursery for kindergarten children.
The education will be free of cost to all who enrol, with at least giving them the chance to learn to read and write. For those who can, they then
may be able to attend college in the future, thus moving on hopefully to a better life.

The BACA thanks all the donors who have made this possible, but there is still so much to do. It is my prayer, that this work of God would be completed
in 18 months or so time, allowing for these children to finally have an education, which surely all people are entitled to. James 4:20 tells us “faith
without deeds is useless,” and Ephesians 2:10, tells us “we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, prepared in advance for
us to do.” Christians are saved for good works, let us therefore follow our calling and do our good works that God has prepared for us to do. I fly
home on Monday, another trip complete, I shall be back in October and I thank God for his grace and for all those who prayed, gave and made this trip
possible; it has been life changing.

Blessings on you all in Jesus name.

Brother Leighton