Congratulations Pakistan for capturing killer of Zainab – now please also get justice for thousands of Pakistani Christian girls!

Last night hopeful news emerged as Pakistani authorities revealed that the main suspect in the killing of Zainab Ansari (click here) and many other young victims of his sordid rape and murder spree had been identified, arrested and charged.

Chief minister of Punjab province, Mr Shahbaz Sharif labelled Imran Ali (24 yrs), of being a serial killer whilst being interviewed by a broad spectrum
of international news channels, during a  press conference in Lahore.  Mr Sharif confirmed that the suspect had confessed to Zainab’s murder
and that DNA samples taken from the crime seen matched samples taken from Mr Ali.  He explained that the investigation took some time as they
had to check DNA samples from over 1,150 people.

In the last video images taken of Zainab after she was reported missing she could be seen walking away with a man she clearly was comfortable with, 
even running after her murderer at one point.

Zainab’s corpse was later found dumped on a rubbish pile with evidence of a sexual assault causing a national outrage and some rioting during which
two men were killed by local police.

Pakistan’s police have been accused of treating the matter as trivial and undertaking a lacklustre investigation until the family found the CCTV footage
by undertaking their own investigation. It is believed police stepped up their investigation after the hue and cry that developed over the lack of
police interest in the murder of Zainab and many other reported young local children who had been raped and murdered in a similar fashion.

Zainab’s father Ameen Ansari, attended the press conference and expressed satisfaction in the manner that the investigation was proceeding, despite
initial reservations.  He also explained that although the family knew the suspect he was not a family member as had been reported in some media.

British Pakistani Christian Association, Chairman Wilson Chowdhry, said:

“That a serial killer has been removed from the streets of Kasur is a welcome result from a painful moment in Pakistan’s history. However we must remember the original police apathy and insouciance that almost led to the killer being free to continue roaming the streets where he was prowling for other potential child victims.

“Imran Ali has been charged with an offence and it is very likely that he will be convicted and hanged for his murdering of innocent young children.  However so many Imran Ali’s still roam the country and the level of crimes of this nature are at unfathomable and unacceptable levels.

“Worse still many culprits who have been identified and initially charged in rape and murder crimes have historically been set free after perfunctory investigations fail to obtain compelling evidence, or evidence simply alters or is lost due to the significant corruption in the police forces of Pakistan.

“The perceived impunity has allowed serial killers like Imran Ali to thrive and the most vulnerable victims of such crimes are Christian.

“We deplore crimes against 10 girls lost over the last year in Kasur to Muslim families and are glad the killer has been found. However, we call for a similar high level police investigation into every one of the estimated 700 Christian girls kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year, as reported by Muslim NGO, Movement of Solidarity and Peace.’

The report by ‘Movement of Solidarity and Peace’ can be read (here)

Please sign our petition (click here)

BPCA is calling for a reopening of the rape and murder cases below which are a fraction of those we have reported on during the existence of our group. We call for any future investigations to be as concerted as the case for the murder of Zainab there are simply thousands of girls alive and no longer with us that deserve justice. 

“Christian charities are often criticized for speaking out and asking for justice. Rather than expressions of empathy for Christian girls and women
victimized in the same way these charities are ignorantly scolded and wrongly accused of disunity as if pointing out the injustice was the problem. 
 We stand with all the victims of violence and sexual assault, but we will not be silenced from asking the hard questions.

“Where was the public outcry in the case of Shazia? It was for the only suspects who had access to Shazia – wealthy Muslim men who act indignantly
entitled to treat poor girls from religious minorities in the same way Zanaib was treated and when called into account for their lewd and violent crimes
fought to maintain their impunity. Where was the public outcry for Saiba? Saiba was only three years old and the known rapist who has traumatised and
shattered her prospects of a normal family life is still free to rape again having now been enlightened to the fact that as long he targets only those
from minority faiths he may well continue with impunity. Where was the public outcry for Saira? Seven year old Saira was targeted on the most holy
day of the Christian calendar and the man who violated her innocent life was simply released to rape again. Where was the public out cry for Sherish
and Farzana? Not even the determination of Sherish and Farzana to bring the gang rapists to justice could give the witnesses to the crime confidence
to come forward as the cabal threatened further violence. Where was the public outcry for these girls and young women?”

Saiba and her family

In January 2017, 3 year old Saiba was raped by a Muslim man and left in the courtyard of her home bleeding and naked after her 10 year old brother had been sent by the neighbour to fetch some cigarettes. The rapist escaped justice as police refused to investigate until the BPCA and other NGO’s forced them to initiate an investigation. The rapist is still to be convicted of the crime and may escape justice through paying a bribe (click here). In the meanwhile Saiba’s mother has been told that her child’s reproductive organs will probably never function properly.

Shazia Bashir

On January 10th 2010, BPCA reported on a riot involving over 300 Muslim lawyers who smashed police vehicles and law courts (click here) as they demanded the release of a brutal murderer Muhammed Naem. Mr Naem was a former president of the Lahore Bar Association who along with his son was implicated with clear evidence for the crime of brutally beating, starving, raping and then murdering a Christian domestic servant Shazia Bashir (12 yrs). (click here) Christian solicitors were threatened so severely they failed to attend the court and the murderer was set free after the case was dismissed. 


On Easter Sunday 2014 a seven year old girl named Saira was raped in Sialkot, the perpetrator was later set free. (click here)

Sherish and Farzana

Sherish and Farzana were both abducted at gun point in Jaranwala and subjected to a brutal violent attack and rape and told ‘they deserved it for being non-Muslim Kaffir (click here). There rapists family fired gun shots at their home to prevent the case going to court, however they boldly continued the case. The charges of rape were later dropped as witnesses terrified by threats failed to arrive at the court – police provide no witness protection programme.