Continue to work for God’s glory in the face of obstacles

Leighton Medley BPCA Missionary for Pakistan meeting the Children of Shama and Shahzad two brick kiln slaves extra-judicially murdered after a false blasphemy allegation in 2014.

“Not to us, not to us, but to you be the glory O`Lord.” (Psalm 115:1 NIV)

It has been a busy year 2018 and really seems to have flown by, yet when I summarise it, I often don`t know where to start. First of all, I`d like
to thank all those involved in supporting this organisation financially. God really does bestow upon certain people, the gift of giving and through
the use of that gift, we have seen those receive health care who couldn`t afford it. We think of little Aleeza, who tragically lost her leg in the
Quetta Church bombing one year ago and now has a prosthetic leg fitted thanks to your generous support and prayers. We also remember the countless
others who have faced attacks and are awaiting treatment in hospitals around the country, who have been injured or some places killed for their faith
in Jesus Christ. We also give thanks for those who graciously supported the Missionary trips in March and October, where 19 new believers were baptised
and a group of 12 Hazara Converts, 12 in total (like the 12 Apostles)were sent from Quetta back to Afghanistan to plant a new Church community in the
Hazara province of Afghanistan, surely something that needs prayer. We have seen deliverances, lives transformed and even in Quetta, during our Christian
Family Life Seminar, married couples, both young and old, were renewing their vows during the meeting, it was a marvellous example of God`s grace.

Even with a new Prime Minister though, challenges await us in 2019, for the situation does not look like it will change for Christians in Pakistan
and even as we remember those martyred over the years, we know the threat of imminent persecution is an all too real experience for many Christians
in this staunchly Muslim Nation. Imran Khan has once again, shown his utter ignorance of Christianity with his recent speech at the Rehmatul-il-Alameen
Conference in Islamabad by claiming, falsely there is no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus, when there is much evidence to the absolute
contrary. This is sure to embolden the extremist agenda towards the Christian community as a whole, particularly given the extraordinary capitulation
of the Prime Minister and his government to those who protested against the right acquittal of Asia Bibi from her blasphemy Charge, for which she has
already spent 9 years in Jail.

However, we must pray for the Government of Pakistan despite their many failings. In Romans 13:1, we are told to submit to the governing authorities,
for they are instituted by God, even if they are unbelieving and we are commanded to pray for them that they may be just. But we live in a fallen world,
and due to man`s sin and corruption, this all too often is not the case and many innocent people suffer as a result. My prayer for 2019 is that despite
our hardships in Pakistan, we must be united in faith and united to one another. Jesus said in Luke 11:17, “that any kingdom divided against itself
will be ruined, and any house divided against itself cannot stand.” This is true and I do believe one of the main reasons for the troubles in Pakistan
for Christians, is their disunity and infighting leading to corruption and greater persecution. So let us unite in prayer and pray for the Pakistan
Government and all the authorities there and let us pray not to be divided against one another, this only weakens us and gives the enemy the chance
to attack the Church.

Other points of prayer in 2019 and reasons to be thankful, are the building of new school, where the BPCA, are providing thanks to all our generous
donors, free education to all those who cannot afford. This is a gracious and mighty blessing and one we all should pray for this will be a lasting
legacy for all those involved in this important work of the Lord. Please pray also, for those brave workers of the BPCA in Pakistan, often risking
their lives in order to help those who cannot help or speak for themselves, they are not doing it for their glory, but God`s. So remember them and
remember those who are still suffering and “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) for their deliverance and for the Gospel of God, to be continually
proclaimed in that land of Pakistan. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas time and a happy new year and may it be a year of glory for the BPCA
and the Christian community in Pakistan.

Brother Leighton and Sister Pana

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