Deaf Christian mother seeks justice for gang rape by three Muslim men.

Safiya Bibi (more pictures at the bottom of this page)
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A deaf-mute, married Christian mother, brutally raped by three Muslim men in the district of Kasur, Pakistan over a month ago is living in hiding, still
seeking justice.

The rape took place at the family home on on 22nd September, 2015. Her husband Khaild Masih reports that the alleged rapists one of whom was Muhmmad
Umer (22) and two other men, entered the family home by force whilst Khalid was at work and Safia (25) was alone with their eight-month old baby. They
threatened her baby before all three raped her.

The men seem to have chosen their victim for her vulnerability and timed their attack purposely during excessive rainfall in the area which meant that
most if not all residents of the street where they lived were inside their homes. However, as they left house, they were witnessed by several local
people as, by that stage, the heavy rain had ceased.

When Khalid Masih returned home and discovered his distraught wife, he consoled her and went straight to the police station at Raja Jang. A First Investigation
Report (FIR-271/15) was registered against the accused Mohammad Umar a few days later resulting in his arrest and detainment under judicial remand.
Both other accused men are yet to be arrested.

On November 6th Umar submitted a request for bail which was rejected as he had already confessed to his crime.

Khalid said, “I was out of my house working to maintain my family I have done all that I can to provide them protection and safety. My poor wife was alone at home with our child of eight months and these evil men have shattered our lives with their harrowing actions. Umar dangled our tiny baby before my wife, threatening to injure it and forced himself upon her leaving her emotionally scarred and depressed. She is a strong bible believing Christian and we will get through this together. However, we desperately want justice and hope the law courts will bring this to us.”

After the arrest of Umar, Khalid and his family began receiving death threats from friends and family of the accused and they have been compelled to flee
to a safe house some miles away from their family home.

British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) team visited the family immediately after the incident and have offered the family full support for
legal aid and help towards the costs of their temporary refuge while they await a trial date.

It is very common in rural areas of Pakistan for Christian girls to be victimized due to their vulnerability. Indeed, the Muslim NGO, Movement of Solidarity and Peace reports
that 700 Christian girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year.  Sign our petition (Click here).
In most cases, police either favour the accused Muslims or pressurize Christian families to reach a financial compromise. 
The case holds parallels with last year’s horrific attack on two Christian sisters in Jaranwala village. The girls were gang raped yet their rapists were
exonerated due to failings by local police, legal advocates and biased court judges. Local media produced slanted articles demeaning the prosecution
and human rights groups offering support were targeted with threats. 
Poor Christians living in rural areas simply do not have the finance to hire Christian lawyers who are either inadequately competent or charge high fees.
Eventually, charges are dropped in favour of compensation when all access to justice is prevented in this manner. The BPCA intends to bridge the gap
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Safia and her baby 

Safia and her family.