Developing the future church of Pakistan

British Pakistani Christian Association as a group has always had a desire to tackle the flawed theology taught in Pakistan. Our supported Missionary is
Pastor Leighton Medley (known affectionately as Brother Leighton) who next year we hope to support for two years with your help. He is out in Pakistan
for a series of revival meetings, some funded by the BPCA and some through a local Pakistani group. BPCA also took Brother Leighton to the memorial
service commemorating the lives of Shama and Shahzad who were brutally murdered after a false blasphemy charge in 2014.  Brother Leighton would
like to return for two years next year as he has started a Pastors training and discipleship programme.  Our project will develop a full time
seminary that will create a team of Pastors equipped to transform the legalistic Christianity in Pakistan that has sadly developed through cultural
bias and to create a fresher theology based on faith, repentance and relationship with God.  

We are seeking support in prayer and finance for the revival and outreach seminary project.  If you would like to contribute to this invaluable work that will save souls please (click here)

We hope the newly trained Pastors will begin a new revival within the church body of Pakistan strengthening the body of believers, but also encouraging
growth in the church through outreach to Muslim communities. Brother Leighton  shared an initial update email with us, which we share with you:

“Hi to you all from Pakistan,

“There is no doubt it is tough here, but me and Pana are enjoying all the same.  We have just returned from preaching in the villages surrounding Faisalabad, tonight we are off to Rahim Yar Khan via night bus. The preaching is going ok, in the villages its much harder than you think, you have to simplify everything and i`m sure most are coming out of curiosity. That said, these are a terrifically needy people, last week i met 3 orphaned children, whose parents were burned alive in a brick kiln just outside Lahore, it was in the news, we are going to buy them 3 Childrens` bibles for them to use.

“My health has taken a hit, as usual in acclimatizing I`ve had the dreaded Delhi belly and fever but I`m ok now. You may remember Joseph Colony, I wrote
an article about the attack there during my first visit, in Evangelicals Now, well I preached there on the Armour of God on the 5th November, that
went well as I had a good translator, they received that word well and I pray they were encouraged. Also, at Bahar Colony in Lahore, I preached on
the 6th on praying in the spirit, which was a success, as I didn`t preach it, the Holy Spirit did, I felt a good sense of peace that day and the
Lord`s presence was with me.

“It hasn`t all been plain sailing though, in the villages even with translation I`m not really sure they understood, most just come for prayer, Pastor
idolatry is rampant here, along with many other things. I will have to reflect hard on this last week, I`ve learnt patience and a good deal of grace
as it was a struggle, in particular with a stomach upset and fever, but its all worth it doing the Lord`s work. I tell you what has helped me though,
I`ve been reading on Henry Martyn and his journals, one of the early missionaries and that has been a huge help, because he really struggled, but the
Lord used him mightily in His work.

“This week I am doing some teaching on Christian Worldview, many here do not know what that is, a lot of the more educated ones are looking forward to
it, because a lot of them are following into the secular trap. Amongst some of the youth there is a real hunger for the word, that is encouraging,
so please pray for this Tuesday as we do this, we are using Philip Graham Ryken`s book on principles of Christian Worldview which is not too advanced,
i know Graham heartily recommends this one and he is right it is the right level. After that it is rest for 3 days together as a family before on Saturday
we are in Asif Town, preaching on the Good Samaritan.

“May Christ be with you always and may God richly bless all your labours during the coming week, I will email again soon.

“In Him
Leighton and Pana”