False Allegation Leads to IDC Strife for Pak-Christian Asylum Seekers

Papa and Mama Thongchai with Christian Malik our Thailand officer

BPCA were poised to remove an 18 year old girl from IDC after reports
that she was sexually molested. We were working with Papa Thongchai to
secure her release, but then discovered that the accusation of sexual
assault was false. We would not normally warrant a payment for release
of a visa overstayer in IDC as it is an extremely large payment for our
group to pay. The original story of her sexual assault however led us to
divert funds towards the release of a victim we believed
to be in an extremely frightened and emotional state. Whilst going
through the process of obtaining her release we discovered, through
direct contact with the girl and her family, that the allegation was
false. We have chosen to discontinue efforts to obtain her release and
will now be redirecting those funds towards paying for rent and medical
needs for desperate victims.

Victims who are arrested and kept in
IDC confinement are treated extremely shabbily and it hurts to know they
are treated like animals. They are fed boiled cucumber and rice, and
150 people are squeezed into a room with a capacity less than 100, they
are forced to sleep standing or crouching, or over one another. The
stench in these places is horrendous and bullying is rife in the
confined space were tensions are high – but a silver lining is the fact
that once there, their asylum cases are expedited.

We are having
to make difficult decisions because we simply do not have enough
donations to free these poor victims. The false allegations were made by
individuals who had angst against the girl and her family and in doing
so they have caused trouble for the whole Pak-Christian asylum seeker
community. The IDC have taken offence from the public posts by certain
groups that led to our investigation and as a result they are making it
even more difficult for Pak-Christians to be released.

Alison Houghton, BPCA Trustee, said: ” It is
very sad that needless and foolish lies have resulted in repercussions
for all Pak-Christians being held in the IDC where conditions are
already deplorable. Provoking the Thai authorities to offence is clearly
counterproductive and can do nothing but hinder any efforts for change.”

Please pray
That the Thai authorities would revoke their ban on Pak-Christians being given bail from the IDC
For unity amongst the Pak-Christian refugees and asylum seekers and that God would turn this situation around quickly

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