Four blasphemy victims you never knew BACA was supporting…

Image of Nabeel Masih only 16 when convicted for blasphemy.

8 years ago, Zafar Bhatti was arrested for allegedly sending blasphemous texts and has had to suffers several postponements to his appeal against charges
which he has always refuted. Despite strong evidence that the initial accusation was false Zafar has been locked away in Adiala jail. Read more (here).

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His wife Nawab Bibi is now fully supported by BPCA; with a fully paid for home, travel costs for visits to Zafar in prison, all necessary medical care
for Zafar and Nawab and clothes and other essentials as required. Nawab Bibi has shared some thanks for our work in a recent video as the couple prepare
for further court hearings this month during which we believe Zafar Bhatti will be set free.

If Zafar Bhatti is set free this month, he and his wife will have to be placed in a new safe house far from where we are currently maintaining Nawab
Bibi. She currently lives at a location where visiting her husband in Jail is not too onerous to preserve her health, longer distance travel would
be extremely difficult for her. The new home security detail will also need to be a lot more serious as two attempts to poison Zafar have already left
him in poor health. We cannot support persecuted Christians like Zafar and Nawab without your help.  If you would like to help us make the new accommodation available to him immediately on his release please donate (here).

We are also paying all the education costs for the children of Nadeem James and their essential costs, Mehwish Bhatti provides regular counselling
and attends all courts hearings with Mr James family.  Nadeem James was arrested in July 2016 for allegedly sharing a blasphemous poem (click here)
He has always protested his innocence and BACA remains close to his family.  We have offered other assistance to the family who are regularly
counselled by our National Executive Mehwish Bhatti and are always prepared to help more when the need arises.  His brother Shahbaz James shared
this video of thanks:

When Stephen Masih was arrested for a blasphemy in March 2019, British Asian Christian Association stepped into help and has been providing his family
with a fully supported home after threats to kill the family left no alternative. We also provides needs such as clothing and other essentials for
Stephen while he is in prison.  Stephen Masih is mentally impaired and was beaten by the same Muslim men who later accused him of blasphemy as
they sought vengeance for a slight (click here)
BPCA continues to support the family through counselling and will support them every step of the way until the date that Stephen is released from his
unjust incarceration. His brother shared a message for our supporters:

Many of you will be aware of Nabeel Masih who was the first teenager to be convicted of a blasphemy. At just 16 years of age he became a national Pariah
after it was alleged that he posted a blasphemous image on Facebook making him the first social media blasphemy accused. British Asian Christian Association
is now paying for Nabeel Masih’s legal counsel and we support his family financially by covering his lost wages so that the family can maintain their
status quo. We provide for the needs of Nabeel Masih while he is in prison and are also financing the family’s trips to court. The animosity towards
Nabeel Masih is comparable to the hatred towards Asia Bibi – yet the world seems to have forgotten about this young man who turned 18 whilst in prison
– with no family around him (click here).
Though it is not the best way to reach manhood being in prison has not destroyed the soul of Nabeel in contrast it has brought him closer to God. 
He now reads daily – a skill he improved whilst incarcerated.  His book of choice…of course the Bible!  His spiritual growth has been phenomenal
and Mehwish Bhatti our National Executive who visits him in prison regularly believes one day he will be a Pastor who will serve God fervently. Till
then we call for your prayers and support for this and the many other persecuted Christian families in Pakistan. His brother Wakeel Masih and other
members of his family shared a message for our supporters:

Please sign our petition calling for an end to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws (click here)

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