Four years after their parent’s murder Shama & Shahzad’s children are growing well

In many ways Asia Bibi is a fortunate victim as she has survived to reveal her story, whereas victims such as Shama and Shahzad were brutally killed in
acts of sheer violence by mobs incensed to violence by local ‘holy’ Islamic clerics (click here).

On the 4th of November 2018 our lead Pakistan officer Mehwish Bhatti commemorated the 4th anniversary of the death of Shama and Shahzad (RIP) 
with her family.

Memories of the attack on their parents has scarred the three children that survived the horrendous attack on their parents after a ‘merciful’ Muslim
woman intervened and stated the children were innocent and could accept Islam to become pure, while challenging the crowd to focus their hate and kill
their mother and father who were evil blasphemers.

Fortunately the grandfather of the children managed to escape with the children before they were taken away from his care.  Now while these tender-aged
children need the guidance and love of their parents they rely on a BPCA full-time live-in nanny Sobia (32 yrs) to provide the maternal aspects of
their care that Shama should be providing.

Mehwish Bhatti, said:

“Those of us who care for the children feel painfully inadequate in the face of their loss.

“We love Suleman (10 yrs), Sonia (7 yrs) and Poonam (4 years) who all have their own unique needs at this early stage of their development. 

“Every time at this time of year they ask me why there parents were so viciously taken away form them and they need to be reminded that despite the cruelty of this world Shama and Shahzad are now at peace with the Lord where they had always wanted to be.

“This has inspired the children who continue to pray and revel in the day that they will once again be reunited with their mother and father. 

“They are strong believers in God and have an impeccable record of attending Catholic Church, Asif Town every week and sing worship beautifully.

“The children and extremely caring and friendly and deserve our prayers and support.”

Later in the day Mehwish had a meal with the children and has already promise to return with presents for them at Christmas.  We would like to purchase a computer for Suleman to assist him with school work and a new bed for Sonia who will be moving into her own room.   If you can help us raise the 400 GBP to do this please help us with donations by clicking (here)