Freedom for Asia Bibi could be as soon as next year!

Asia Bibi: Pakistan’s most famous blasphemy law victim 

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Today Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of British Pakistan Christian Association, had a telephone conversation with the lead defence solicitor for Asia Bibi,
advocate Saif ul Malook. Mr Malook provided a very frank and candid response to Mr Chowdhry. 

He said that despite being incarcerated for a continuous six year period in the rough prisons of Multan, Asia Bibi’s health is in extremely good condition.
The unfortunate mother of five was imprisoned after drinking from the same well as Muslims, an act that was deemed a sacrilege.  She then during
an altercation with Muslim co-workers said:

“My Christ died for me what has Muhammed done for you?”

For this she was beaten and raped and had to endure the pain of her young daughters also being sexually molested.  Despite these violent attacks on her family only Asia has been punished for her alleged crimes.  She has languished in a prison cell since her attack. Read more (click here)

Asia bibi has been isolated from other inmates for her own safety after she experienced significant bullying, harassment and threats. However a caretaker
has been provided to her, whose role it is to provide help with cooking fresh food with Asia (to prevent poisoning), cleaning of the cell and to afford
her some company.

In addition Asia has access to a prison warden who has been instructed to provide her with assistance and company. She has also, rather uniquely,
been provided with a television as concerns have been raised about the affects to her sanity of permanent isolation without distraction.

Advocate Saif ul Malook, explained to Mr Chowdhry that he recently spent two hours with Asia Bibi, He said:

“I spent a really joyful time with sister Asia, she was in a very good mood and matches my confidence that her release is imminent. We both believe Asia will be free after her appeal hearing, which we expect to start during the early part of next year no later than April 2016.”

During the conversation Saif explained that the defence team have worked diligently for the last two years to build a strong case for her appeal.
Now he is asking for the British public, and those in the wider western world, to prepare for her release and to see what assistance they can provide
after she regains her freedom. 

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

“Staying in Pakistan will be extremely dangerous for Asia Bibi and her family. Once free it is imperative that she is offered safety abroad, extrajudicial killings are on the increase and most definitely Asia Bibi will be the target of most, if not all, extremist groups operating in Pakistan.”

He added:

“Claims by some larger charities regarding ongoing concerns about Asia’s health are false. Asia had an earlier health scare but recovered well after receiving qualified and professional treatment. BPCA believes that the exceptional treatment of Asia Bibi is a consequence of international pressure and we call upon people of good conscience to redouble their efforts for Asia Bibi, as there is still a long way to go for freedom and safety for her and her family.”

Our appeal for Asia Bibi continues, we are dedicated to helping her and the family with their ongoing concerns whilst in Pakistan.  We shall also
start a reserve fund that will help the family with any future costs of relocation to a western nation. 


Please pray:

Asia Bibi continues to be treated well in prison and can remain strong for the remainder of her incarceration.

Her family have the funds to enable them to visit regularly.

All charges against her are dropped and she is released as soon as possible. 

Asia and her family can find safety, happiness, and life in another country very soon.

Pakistan will stop these injustices from occurring and stop the blasphemy laws being used to settle personal scores and vendettas.

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