Hush, hush on Asia Bibi's asylum as countries shirk at doing anything to "inflame tensions"

ASIA BIBI: Sensitivity & Security named as the rationale for the silence around the world. Fears for Asia and others shout, as "quiet talks" proceed. Politicians hushed by leaders saying: Asia's security is  "the most important thing"!

Europe's silence on Asia Bibi is compounded through cancelled hearings or those held behind closed doors as the west cowers at the exhibited intolerance
of large swathes of the Muslim Population of Pakistan, finally realising how years of excessive foreign aid budget have had little if no impact on
making the nation more accepting of it's minorities.

The hushed murmurings on Asia Bibi are welcome by the chagrin of advocates as several nations indicate their are "quiet talks" transpiring. Partnered
by concern for Asia, her family and associates.

There have also been expressed misgivings about "inflamed tensions" and placating references to Muslim's "sensitivity" to the blasphemy laws from a
variety of sources. 

Theresa May said (click here):

Our primary concern is for the safety and security of Asia Bibi and her family and we want to see a swift resolutions to the situation."

Failing to clarify whether Britain has offered asylum in she offered a vague comment, saying:

"A number of countries are discussions about  providing  a safe destination for her" 

Theresa May also explained the block of debate on helping Asia Bibi to prevent "inflaming tensions" 

Such comments are to the chagrin of representatives such as Baroness Warsi who expressed goodwill towards Asia Bibi on behalf of British Muslims.
(click here) She said:

"…As someone who is deeply connected to British Muslim communities, I assure her that they are fully supportive of any asylum claim that Asia
Bibi may have and that our country may afford her, and that she would be supported as she would be by all other communities in this country."

The block on debate was blocked and the hesitance of the May government to act on Asia Bibi's case has precipitated recent resignations, and was
for some representatives a fundamental value that they felt was being compromised. 

Wilson Chowdhry said:

"Politicians need to continue asking for Asia's asylum and if their leadership does not offer it then they should be seeking answers about why she would not be safe in their country.

"It is time to bravely search our hearts with self-reflection and do the painful introspection on who we are and who we want to be." 

20 November Lord Alton and his peers in the House of Lords boldly inquired about and was met by a code of silence in the British House of Lords
as they asked The Home Office Minister queries for which she could not provide answer. (click here)

Sajjad Karim MEP also asked EU President Tajani for a postponement of debate on Asia Bibi and religious minorities in Pakistan in order to avoid
any problems that could affect her safety due to the sensitive nature of the matter. 

(click here)

The Australia Home Office's initial administrative response to BPCA's request on behalf of Asia Bibi was disappointing but there are many Australian
politicians, citizens and organisations who are showing the care and who have made statements of support and calling on PM Morrison to intervene.

The Freedom for Asia Bibi Now! March & Vigil calling on the Pakistani government to grant her freedom to leave the country and on Australia
to offer safe haven will start at Parliament House in Sydney, Australia at noon and continue to the Pakistani High Commission where the vigil will

On the event Facebook page Keri-Lynn Gibbs, BPCA Representative said, "We know Australians are leaders in democratic values and human rights in the region." And
further professed, "…a positive expectation of the Australian government."

PM Trudeau also said that Canada would be willing to offer asylum but this could reflect his general attitude that, "Canada is a welcoming place" or
that there would be no reason why Canada would not offer asylum.  

In the Canadian governments response they only said that they were engaged in "quiet talks with likeminded allies"   when probed by the opposition in a passionate appeal for Asia Bibi to be given asylum and "would not be commenting further".

The Trudeau government took three years for the government to acknowledge the genocide against the Yazidis and still cannot bring themselves to
call what was done to Assyrian Christians genocide when pressed by the opposition on this question.

While Mr Trudeau's comments about welcome are hopeful, this does sound much like his general manner of speaking. 

Senator Rand Paul citing President Trump's sympathetic response to the plight of persecuted Christians in the past, said: 

“I have talked to the president about this, and I can't characterize his position, but I know from his concern for the pastor in Turkey and working to get that pastor out that it would be consistent with what they did with the pastor in Turkey to help get Asia Bibi out, and I hope they will.” 
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Keri-Lynn Gibbs, BPCA Representive in Canada said:

"The volatile nature of the situation in Pakistan means having a number of options for asylum is vital to the future security of Asia Bibi, her family and associates. We need only look to see what happened at the embassy of the Netherlands in Pakistan.

"No one can be sure how they will exit from the country and all options must remain open with their final destination unclosed until their safety can be assured."

BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said:

"Speculating on the final destination may well be create further risk even though I understand the temptation to do so. The silent anticipation does make it desirable for interviewers to probe and draw conclusions from different possibilities, but the reality is that Asia is still in the throws of danger.

"These governments know that people are actively trying to search her out and kill her, and ostensibly seem to have to have their own concerns for safety and stability in the region but also on the home-front.   (click here)

He stressed:

"It would be amazing to hear every nation say she is welcome here, and that they are expecting her. Then who would know, until she was ready to speak of her ordeal? Then who would find her whether it be for her harm or out of their own curiosity?

"I would be proud for the UK to pinned the badge of asylum on our chests and tell the world who we are. I will be glad for any nation to welcome Asia Bibi to their shores and fasten the same badge to their lapels. 

"We must all stand together in doing what is right."

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