Letting Love Win – A compelling account of Mohammed Fyaz’s journey from Islam to Christianity

British Pakistani Christian Association, this week launches the latest of its publications, this time we have been working with ex-Muslim Mohammed Fyaz
who shares a quite riveting testimony, of his walk away from Islam and the journey that led him to Christianity.  His journey is one that has
had its share of ups and downs, but through the undulating tides of emotional, physical and ideological strain he has been through, he has come out
with a sense of the Love of God that we could all do well to learn from.

Below we include the transcript of the introduction of the book taken from the back cover:

‘Letting Love Win’ is the compelling story of a British Muslim who fought against abuse, racism and disillusionment to find Gods unconditional love.
When Fyaz finally gave his life to God his family completely rejected him as an apostate, the consequence of which he still has to live with today.

His inspiring story shows how, despite everything, he has held on to his Christian faith which has transformed both his life and his feelings of hostility,
particularly for his mother. He wants to ‘let love win,’ to be reunited with his family and his community, and work to see everyone able to exercise
their right to practise freedom of religion while living peacefully together.

Mohammed Fyaz is the founder of Dostana Ministries, an organisation dedicated to helping ex-Muslims who are persecuted for leaving Islam. He is a
regular speaker on public platforms, defending British values, and promoting peace where there are tensions between communities.

‘The lesson for those wondering how Muslims come to personal belief in Jesus as Lord is that faith can be messy, may draw little on doctrinal discussion,
and is mostly down to a gracious God who relentlessly seeks and saves the lost.’

Dr Carol M. Walker, Lecturer in Islamic and Biblical Studies, All Nations College.

‘Simple, clear writing, yet riveting…a remarkable must-read.’

Sam Solomon, co-founder, Christian Concern, UK

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