Meet our National Executive for Pakistan Mehwish Bhatti

Mehwish Bhatti on left as she presents bomb survivor Qaiser Pervaiz with a Rickshaw after he begins to restore his life after a miraculous recovery rom 85% burns in a hospital without a special burns unit.

My name is Mehwish Bhatti and I am 30-year-old female from Pakistan, born in the city of Rawalpindi on 22 January 1989. 

I was brought up a Catholic after being christened by a Catholic Priest at St. Joseph’s Cathedral and did my schooling at a missionary school known as
Saint Anees Presentation Convent High School.

I was an intelligent student and enjoyed going to school, participating in activities like Christmas dramas, choir, science and art projects and was a
member of our school netball team and won many matches. I also participated in many speech and debate competitions held within my school and with other
schools. In 2009 I did my matriculation in the subject of science including Biology, Chemistry and Physics as my major subjects.

I attended Ave Maria Saint Mary’s College Rawalpindi where I studied Inter commerce ( which included Accounting, Business Maths and Economics as
my major subjects. I was nominated as Girls representative and performed my duty with my whole heart.

After completing College in 2011 I took a 1-year break and in 2012 started my BS Hons in English Language and Literature at the National University of
Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad. I was the only Christian student in my Bs hons batch which was very challenging in the beginning but by the Grace
of God and with time I got the opportunity to show them the love of Christ ending up making the whole class my friend becoming one of the favourite
students of the teachers.

In 2014 I joined BPCA, now BACA, as a National Executive for Pakistan, helping humanity was always my passion and joining BPCA was just like a dream coming

I grew up in an environment where women are always looked down on and considered weak. I never gave up my dreams, always believing in myself, and that
women are never inferior to men. When the word of God says that He created both men and women equal, then why trust the voices around.

British Asian Christian Association, BACA, gave me an opportunity to use my God given calling as a gift to help many. I have been working for the last
4 years and 9 months and my journey with BACA started by covering the story of two young girls, Sehrish and Farzana from Jaranwala, who became the
victim of a gang rape in their small village. Since then I devoted myself to be a voice for such girls and women who become victims of social injustices.

I have been working in emergency situations such as floods, suicide bombings, earthquakes and other natural disasters by providing assistance to the helpless
with spiritual counselling, food, shelter and any medical assistance required. In particular, with the bonded labourers of rural Pakistan, I visit
the brick kilns, creating an awareness among the brick kiln workers to fight for their rights and to live a free life resulting in them to be rescued
from slavery and to start new lives. My support continues for such victims until they are settled and know how to live a free life that God has given

Currently, I am acting as a Project Manager for the school BACA is building to provide free Spiritual and Academic education to the children of bonded
labour. I believe this project will create a legacy for the thousands of children in this area to live a free life to achieve their dreams and free
their parents too.

I have also been part of so many peaceful protests raising the voice of minorities in Pakistan, then in 2015, was sent by BACA to Uganda to learn entrepreneurial
skills. It was a 25-day training programme where I was taught to set up small biblical based businesses, helping diminish poverty. I enjoyed learning
from the experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen who started from nothing.

This gave me encouragement, learning how an individual can bring financial revival to his or her society by just practicing a few Biblical based business
rules. At the end of the training I was fully equipped with the knowledge of a small business setting and helped many to become skilled when I returned
to my home country.

In August 2017 I was sent for more training, learning more about organisational skills. Great knowledge was gained on how to set up organisations and how
they operate. It was a 12-day training programme where I was given the opportunity to work with local business owners to learn more practical skills.
The training not only benefitted me but many in my home country.

I also do a regular jail ministry where I travel to different prisons in Pakistan to meet those accused of blaspheming. Despite knowing the risk involved,
I did not worry and truly believe that my regular visits had helped many of the helpless blasphemy accused victims by giving new hope and increase
their faith in God.

I am so thankful to God and BACA for helping me live my passion of serving the community. Learning is continual and the process goes on and I believe I
will serve more and more people as God continues to work in my life and through me in the lives of others..