Muslim victims of bomb attack receive prayer and counselling from BPCA

Our BPCA team visited some of the many Muslim victims of the Ferozepur Bomb attack (click here) whilst they were admitted at Lahore General Hospital on 27th July 2017.  Naveed Aziz, said:

“We met 10 patients most of them were in the intensive care unit. We supplied fruit and juices to each patient and prayed with those who allowed us to and were often joined by members of their families.

All.the 10 patients we met on this day were Muslims but they appreciated our love and care for them and allowed us to talk with trhem and cousel them. Two of them accepted our gift of a bible and agreed to read them.”

Later the same day the BPCA team also met the Family of Patras Masih who died during the terriblr blast. Patras was a 60 year old man and was the father
of six children.  His wife had passed away five years ago leaving him solely responsible for the home.  

Patras was a self-employed businessman and ran a car showroom franchise. He will be sorely missed by his family.