New School for asylum seekers in Kajang, Malaysia

British Pakistani Christian Association has partnered with Full Gospel Christian Centre Church in Kajang, Malaysia to create a new school for asylum seeker
children.  The school is growing slowly and currently serves between 15-20 children. 

Our decision to start our own school was born out of discussions with the local FGCC Church in Kajang after we were donated 20 computers via a Christian
charity.  We initially planned to split the allocation of computers amongst a number of local Pastors but after a Pastor Lukes (pronounced Lucas)
failed to provide a report on the 5 computers given to him, we decided to maintain a better control over the valuable learning resources.  Through
the existing partnership we hope to link learning to spiritual growth and Christian learning.  Pastors from the church have agreed to input into the
daily Christian assemblies held at the school ensuring children get only the best Christian instruction.

Unlike our underground schools in Thailand the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Malaysia can facilitate certification for schools that
meet their minimum requirement and a joint application will be submitted to UNHCR for accreditation.

Our school will cover a range of subjects including but not confined to the following:

  • Music 
  • Science 
  • Maths 
  • English 
  • History
  • Religious Education
  • Computer studies and internet training
    Adult computer learning centre

A registred school of this nature will be a first for the BPCA and we are praying that the application passes through without hitch.  We invite our
supporters to join us in prayer during the next three months as an assessment will be due after this period. 

Our Lead officers for the project Savera Kamran, Kamran Joseph, Ash Chowdhry, Sanum Chowdhry and Pastor Ghailb have asked for your prayers for them
too.  This is the first project of this size that they have been responsible for and they are trusting God for success.

A further £150 per month is required by the team for the hiring of a full time driver who will pick and drop children to school, ensuring they are safe and parents need not take risk of being caught and arrested for illegal overstaying of visas.  Like Thailand, Malaysia has also not signed the 1951 United Nations Convention for Asylum or the 1967 protocol.  Moreover, the many families cannot afford the transport costs for their children to attend the school.  It is believed that a vehicular service of this nature will increase the attendance at the school by at least a further 20 students and it will allow for the necessary curriculum excursions to external learning centres like museums and zoos. If you would like to contribute towards this enhancement of the schools activity please discover the many ways you can donate by clicking (here)