Newport church hosts celebration of Asia Bibi's freedom from Pakistan during revival event

The Leo twins, Rev Arif Bhatti and Asher Dewan, led worship and shared a revival message.

Close to 200 Pakistani Christians gathered at Church in Newport Wales to celebrate freedom for Asia Bibi a mother of five who has spent the best part of
the last ten years behind bars after falsely being accused of blasphemy.

The event was organised by Pastor Mehboob Elahi who leads Praise and Power Ministries, who meet regularly every Sunday at Gaer Christian Centre, Newport,
South Wales.

At the event were Pakistan's leading Gospel performers including the Leo Twins, Asher Dewan and rev Arif Bhatti who led a wonderful revival event, sharing
the Gospel through music and testimony as revellers drew closer to God.

Pastor Mehboob Ellahi, said:

"The Christian community of Pakistan has suffered intense persecution which has grown in ferocity and scale over the last few decades.

"However, news of Asia Bibi's exoneration at the end of last year and her final escape from Pakistan in the last two weeks has given our community in the homeland and our many global diaspora a real boost.

"It felt appropriate to celebrate her freedom here in the UK and during a planned revival event when I knew the spirit of God would be right in the midst of our people, I felt the time was right to revel in our God's grace and glory!

Pastor Mehboob presided over the revival event and prayed for safety for Asia Bibi.

"Christians have become the most persecuted people across the globe, and our Bible forewarned us of this. 

"However, our faith is in God and his assurance of heaven, the bible tells us: '
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.'


"Asia Bibi has gone through terrible brutality and one day when she finally reaches heaven she will be rewarded for being a 'good and faithful servant.'

"Her testimony is one that has caught the attention of the world and in doing so given revival to her community of Pakistani Christians – she will remain in our prayers."

Wilson Chowdhry Chowdhry shared an update on Asia Bibi and other persecuted Christians.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Asian Christian Association, said:

"Asia Bibi's freedom was brought about by a long campaign by many NGO's, governments and politicians across the globe.

"Her plight resulted in Britain's foreign office commissioning a global review of Christian persecution.

"Bibi's resolute upholding of her faith despite assurances of freedom if she converted to Islam is a testament of faith beyond measure.

"Neither did Bibi ever give up hope for her freedom or even once consider giving up her torrid situation, by relinquishing her faith.

"She has indelibly changed the world we live in and has made nations in the west less blind to the dangers of extremism.

"Celebrating her freedom with the amassed Pak-Christians at the church in Newport was a real blessing  – it was not only a shared expression of hope for our future but reinforcement of our trust in God."