Nouman Maish’s interview with the BPCA


Last interview of Nouman Masih with the BPCA representative Naveed

Naveed : What is your name?
Nouman : My name is Nouman Masih and my father’s name is Nadeem Masih
Naveed : what happened during the attack?
: I was returning to stitching class from the overlock stitching shop
and on my way back two boys surrounded me on bikes and stopped me. One
was wearing shalwar kameez and the other was wearing western trousers
and a shirt. I was hurrying to the shop as the Tailoring teacher told me
to come back quickly. Both the motorcyclists had their faces covered.
They started abusing and asked me who I was and what my faith was. I
said I am Christian and they abused more and I responded back to them in
the same manner, I cant tolerate anybody abusing me. They slapped me
four times on my face then one of them threw kerosene oil over me and
the other threw a match stick at me. They then rode away. There were
heaps of sand nearby and I lay on them to put the fire out.

Naveed : Were there any people around you who witnessed the attack and who are ready to give a witness testimony?
Nouman: No it was quiet as it was time for Jummah (Muslims prayer).
shopkeeper in that area who was coming back from Jummah prayer saw me
and helped by throwing sand over me using a spade. He took me to the
nearby shop where my stitching teacher also came. They called an
ambulance and while waiting for an ambulance the shopkeeper made me
drink some milk.
Naveed : Are you afraid and how are you feeling now?
Nouman: No I am not afraid as I use to come late at nights sometimes at 10 and sometime 12 without any fear.
Naveed: Do you have any enmity with anybody or have any suspicion about who perpetrated the crime?
Nouman: No I do not have any enmity with anybody and don’t have any suspicions.
Naveed: What are your needs right now? [Filming ends]
Nouman: I am satisfied with the treatment of the hospital I just want you to support my family.