Our Relief Aid work in Peshawar

Mansoor Gill with some of the food supplies to be distributed to local victims of the Peshawar bombings.

Prem Masih has lost three grandsons Tony, Amir, Zamir and one granddaughter

Prem masih is holding one of his grandson picture whose name is Zamir who lost his life in the bomb blast.

The loss of three children from this family has caused great sorrow.

The BPCA will be continuing its relief fund to help this beleaguered community. Donations will pay towards false limbs, support for orphaned children and counseling for families grieving for the bereaved and injured.

If you would like to donate to our relief work our bank details are as follows:
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Bank: Barclays
Ref: Peshawar Bomb Blast

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With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

Prem Masih’s daughter in law Seema lost Three sons and her daughter in the bomb blast.

Seema is filled with sorrow holding an image of her daughter Jiya (3yrs).

Images of the deceased children Tony (4 yrs), Zamir (2 yrs), Aamir (5 yrs) and Jiya 3 yrs.

Saima 26yrs described the incident she said “I saw blood and dead people all over, it was very frightening.” Samia teaches at the same school as Ishtiaq Gill.

Saima shows x-ray of her nephew Zahid (4 yrs), he is now crippled.

Mr Sohail Johnson who is a teacher now has two fractured legs. Wounded in his stomach he now has a colostomy bag and is still in critical care (undertaken at home). Since leaving hospital his health has worsened. He said; “I left the church to go to the Sunday school and came to the veranda, there was a load bang and I didn’t know what had happened. There was smoke everywhere and when I turned back I couldn’t see through the smoke. When the smoke lessened I saw injured and dead people strewn across the floor, there was blood everywhere.” He added; “I then noticed my legs were hurting I didn’t know how I had got injured, then realisation struck that I had been hit in the bomb attack”.
He further added; “I was the only provider for this family and now I can’t work for the forseeable future, I need help with the fees for education of my two sons. One son is studying FSC medical and the second son is studying for a degree in Medicine at Edward’s College in second year.”

Mrs Victor Sadiq who has lost her husband Mr Sadiq in the Bomb blast.

Mansoor Gill prays before distribution of food.

Mrs Sadiq’s daughter Sonia lost her father in this bomb blast incident. She said; “There is nothing we can do to get my father back, this saddens me but we must accept Gods will.” She asked for an air mattress for her mother who was injured in the blast.

Ashkar Gohar is a teacher, his mother was killed and also two nephews Zeeshan (7 yrs) and Sonu (10 yrs). He has suffered injury to his leg and requires an operation to remove shards. He also has bomb shards is his left arm which is paralysed. His older son’s name is Asher, and also has injuries to his leg, and has undergone surgery to remove one bomb shard from his neck and his stomach. He was in a critical situation but is recovering well.

Uzma Gohar sister in law and is injured in both her feet – in the left foot big toe and the right foot heel. Both her feet have been burnt.

Fozia age 13 yrs is sitting with her younger sister Sonia age 12 yrs and Ishtiaq Gill.

Fozia age 13 yrs has bomb shards in her right leg.

Tariq John describing how the bomb attack affected him, he said; “When the church service was finished and people were greeting each other, volunteers were distributing rice. My wife and I were standing at the main gate waiting for our children to join us so that we could leave for home. Suddenly an explosion occurred!. My wife and I were safe and did not get injured, but my older daughter was injured in her right leg.”

Bashir Sahib lost his son Tariq (30yrs), daughter in law and grandson Tahir (7 yrs) in the attack, he say’s it was the worst day in his life.

Mrs Shakeela Bibi is holding the picture of Master Khalid Fakhar (50 yrs) her husband, who died during the attack

Elder Brother name is alman and Javed is the younger brother of Sonam who died in the attack (see below).

Sonum age 18 yrs and Zarish sister in law 22 yrs lost their lives in the blast.

Ishtiaq Gill visited Salman Javed in Mahala Yaka Toot. He explained that his Grandfather passed away. Salman was hit with shards through his leg and foot during the bomb blast.

Naina 16 yrs is the younger sister of sonam with her brother Javed described the attack.

Meerab Naeem (27 yrs) a 4th year medical student lost her life in the attack. Her mother Mrs Naeem also lost her life.

Grandfather Nazir Masih and brother dauood.

All Saints Church

Images of the deceased before a shrine to the victims.

More of the shrine.

Aid workers Sharoon Yousaf and Ishtiaq Gill.

The shrine is visited daily.

Small bits of metal attached to the bodies of Suicide bombers, peppered the wall of the church.

The church building was damaged but only a minor concern.

Farah Arshad Bibi was hit in her spinal chord and is now paralyzed.

the end of a successful 5th trip to the affected victims of Peshawar.

Our banner displayed on the church with permission.

The church is a beautiful construction and parishioners continue to attend services.

Panoramic view of the shrine to victims.

The church as it stands.

Further images of the damage.

All Saints Church.

Bishop Humphrey Safraz Peter form Peshawar Diocese with BPCA Aid workers.

Bishop Humphrey is providing support to the victims and other parishioners and has agreed to work with the BPCA on a music for advocacy programme.

Arshad Javed sufferd injury to his feet, legs and hands and is disabled – no longer able to work.

The BPCA aid team arrived with their van.

Yaqoob Sahotra pictured described the loss of his son’s eye after a shell form the blast hit him.

Shakeela bibi lost her husband Khalid Fakhar in bomb blast.

Prem Masih’s son Khadam received injuries to his leg.