Our World Thailand’s Asylum Crackdown On BBC News tonight and Documentary this weekend

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Tonight (February 24th, 2016) a short report on the horrific situation experienced by Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand will
be aired on the 10 O’clock BBC News. It comes from a secret undercover visit to Thailand by BBC reporter Chris Rogers and chairman of the British Pakistani
Christian Association (BPCA) in November last year. The two of them risked imprisonment in the infamously brutal jails of Thailand, with the goal of
highlighting the re-persecution thousands of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers face in Bangkok.

The feature will reveal the alarming conditions within the Immigration Detention Centre in Thailand, where hundreds of Pakistani Christians have been
caged like animals, living in conditions so severe that they are detrimental to health and, in several cases have led to completely unnecessary deaths
due to withheld medicine. The report also brings home the truth of the terrible and often under-reported phenomenon of persecution of Christians in

In addition, tomorrow at some point between 3.15 and 3.35 pm Wilson Chowdhry will interviewed live at the BBC World studios in London for the afternoon
news programme, which is shown in Thailand and Pakistan. Viewers will have a real chance of understanding the depth of pain that these destitute asylum
seekers suffer, simply through fear of returning to the nation of their birth, where they are treated as pariahs and routinely preyed upon.

Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry, said:

“Helping the BBC with this documentary placed me out of my comfort zone in situations were i felt extremely anxious, however I was determined to raise awareness of millions of Pakistani Christians persecuted in their homeland, thousands of whom are re-persecuted in nations of South East Asia, especially Thailand. At one location local armed security teams near the UNHCR offices in Bangkok drew close to our vehicle and noted our licence plate as we pulled away – it was a heart-stopping moment. I placed my freedom at risk simply to uncover the truth and share it with a world that for the most part is completely unaware of the plight faced by these thousands of Pakistani Christians. I pray that the documentary will reach the heart of decision makers across the globe and that in doing so, it results in a concerted effort to bring some respite to my long suffering people.”