Pakistani Christians demand right to travel to Israel

By Nasir Bhatti Pakistan Christian Post

Karachi: September 15, 2014. (PCP) The Secretary General of Gods People Fellowship of Pakistan GPFP, Mr. Ashraf P Butt have stressed upon government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to award special permissions to millions of Pakistani Christians, a biggest religious minority of state, to pilgrimage and to perform their religious rituals in Holy land of Israel on their Pakistani Passports.

The Pakistani Passport restricts visitation of Israel to their citizens as Islamic Republic of Pakistan have no diplomatic ties with Israel.

Mr. Butt also demand government of Pakistan to establish diplomatic ties with Israel as many other Islamic states are enjoy diplomatic and bilateral relations with Israel. 

The GPFP leader urged government of Pakistan to grant special permissions to Pakistani Christians with endorsement of Israel in their passports.

Mr. Ashraf Butt said that to deny right of pilgrimage or to perform religious rituals is against UN charters of Religious Freedom and also of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As Pakistan Peoples Party PPP leader ZA Bhutto who legislate 1973 constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan passed a resolution as ““The visit to religious shrine in Pakistan and India of governed under the bilateral protocol on visits to the religious shrine 1974”

Mr. Butt is tirelessly struggling from last 22 years demanding government of Pakistan to recognise Jewish state of Israel 

“Unfortunately Pak-Press and E-media does not highlighted their long standing dream/ desire/ demand due to the Jelious/ hate with the Jewish people of Israel” said Ashraf Butt Advocate

Same like protocol agreement may be done with between Pakistan Government and Israel Government, in the largest interest of Pakistani Christians religious in view of “Medina Treaty” Mr. Butt further added and relied upon.