Pakistani Jews…..?

Many of you will be unaware that Pakistan once had a thriving Jewish Community. In particular the City of Karachi boasted a number of Synagogues and at least a 3000 strong fellowship.
During the Arab – Israeli wars of 1956 and 1967 the tension in Pakistan became so intense they emigrated to India, England and of course Israel. The social ethnic cleansing of the Jewish community of Pakistan is an abhorrent event and highlights the extremism in the country. Not to say, there are not moderates in Pakistan.
Many moderate Muslims are looking for a new age of tolerance in the country i.e. Nafisa Shah, a member of the Pakistan parliamentary committee on minorities who is seeking to amend the blasphemy laws.
Work like ours at the BPCA invites all faiths and those with no faith to collaborate towards peace, unity, hope and an end to persecution, injustice and inequality. We will have greater long term impact working together than trying to fight for justice in individualistic community isolation.
Do join our protest on the 19th of December – whatever your faith might be – or not be!
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