Pakistani Muslims Join campaign for freedom of Asia Bibi

Rupee news has written a very interesting article which shows a letter of support from Akbar Navees a prominent Muslim. It illustrates the strength of passion that has been released as consequence of the Asia Bibi Case. Moreover, such strong words of support from leading Muslims is highlights that we need to re-evaluate our perceptions of the religious extremism in Pakistan. Their are moderate Muslims and to paint one faith as evil and all others as pure is shortsighted and remiss. All faiths have their own dark history and the Christian faith is not unblemished when it comes to persecution. Now is a time to collaborate with our religious counterparts in Pakistan and to challenge this government and proceeding governments to focus on improving the lot for its people.

I have often spoken out against the rash words made against the Islamic faith during our protests. I have also previously uploaded a letter of support from Leader of the Lancashire Mosques Salim Mullah, supporting an end to the persecution of minority faiths in Pakistan (click here). It is only by working with men of this calibre from all faiths, that we will ever see a reform of the practice of discriminatory laws in intolerant states.

Here is the article from Akhbar Navees: