Prayer for Chattanooga

Face of an extremist killer

By Kendra Malczyk from Washington State

Lord, once again, we offer up prayer to You for another city, more families and friends of victims, because of another shooting.  Please bring them comfort in Your everlasting mercy.  And, in the depths of Your love, bring revival to Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring healing, knowledge, and power to the people living there.  Bring revival to America!  Your word says that a wicked ruler will be given to a wicked people. 

Our leaders are allowing terrorism to sweep across our nation and our world like a wildfire.  So many tragedies have come to bring us sorrow.  Bring us to repentance, bring us to humility, open up our eyes, soften our hearts, break us, Lord.  We need You, we need Your comfort, Your truth, Your deliverance, Your power, Your mercy, Your provision, Your grace.  Help the people of Chattanooga, this nation, and the world see that there is peace only in Your presence, and if we will abide in You, then we will have peace in the earth. 

Enlighten us, Lord, to love our neighbours as ourselves, and to love our enemies.

In Jesus name, Amen.