Premier Christian Radio asks BPCA for comment on increase in murders within Pakistan

Today Premier Christian Radio questioned our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry on his thoughts regarding the increased deaths of Christian’s in Pakistan.  Here is part of their report and an on-line snapshot recording of his fuller interview:  (Click here)

REX/Ahmad Sidique

Pic: Pakistani Christian women place flowers as they mourn suicide bombing victims at All Saints Church in northwest Pakistan’s Peshawar.

Huge increase in Pakistan Christian killings

Fri 15 Aug 2014

The number of Christians murdered in Pakistan has jumped by 121 in the past 12 months.

Between July 2013 and June 2014 128 believers died in the country whist 185 were injured.

The majority of the deaths were caused by a bomb attack at All Saints Church in Peshawar.

Islamist group Jundallah claimed responsibility for the twin bombs on 22 September 2013.

The attack was the deadliest on the Christian minority in the history of Pakistan.

Figures from The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom show other violence included shootings and rapes.

The report said: “The findings of the Project show that religious-based violence continues to persist, with little to no effective Pakistani government response at federal, provincial, or local levels.

“While the attacks occurred in the context of general episodes of violence confronting the entire country, the overall climate for religious freedom continues to deteriorate.

“For instance, the past year saw several individuals sentenced to death for activity considered blasphemous.

“Regarding attacks on religious groups, the government failed to take steps to hold perpetrators accountable or protect the vulnerable.”

Violence motived by hatred of any religion in Pakistan accounted for 1,200 casualties including 430 deaths.

Wilson Chowdhry from the British Pakistani Christian Association told Premier’s News Hour the Pakistani government has to make changes: “The national curriculum demonises minority groups.

“If a Christian goes to a police station their claim is automatically rejected if a Muslim speaks.

“The laws and constitution are biased against minorities.”

Hear more from Wilson Chowdhry: