Romance is dead in Pakistan: Christian killed by Muslim wife’s family

New convert Nadia desperately needs help with cost for hospital services.

A young Christian man was killed for marrying a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity after their marriage on 8th April 2014 was deemed to be a dishonour.  Aleem Masih, who was 28 years old, and his wife Nadia Din, 23,  fled from Lahore 50km away to Narang Mandi FGA Colony to escape the threats resonating from Nadia’s family.  However Nadia’s mother, Parveen Din, stayed in contact with her daughter by telephone and advised the couple to meet with them on 30th July claiming the family had forgiven the elopers due to Aleem Masih converting to Islam.  This was a lie told by Nadia in the belief this would calm the hatred towards her and her husband.

Naively the couple travelled to Data Darbar, a famous shrine to a Muslim cleric, in the heart of Lahore.  Whilst they were waiting in a rickshaw for the mother, Nadia’s father Mr Muhammed Din, her brother Azhar Din, and a stranger got into the rickshaw and forced the driver to take them all to a nearby farm.  At the farm the couple were brutally beaten and Nadia was shot in the abdomen, causing her to immediately faint.  Her husband Aleem Masih was shot three times: once in the ribs, once in the ankle and the last bullet pierced his skull.

Nadia recalls the whole attack until the point she fainted, she said:

“Our rickshaw driver had a gun pointed in his face and was instructed to ride to the place they gave directions to. They took us to a big field in Khaliq Nagar where they beat us and then fired the gun at Aleem.  I jumped in front of Aleem to save him and they fired at me too. I then lost conciousness.”

After the attack it is reported that the brother went through his local village and proclaimed that he had restored the honour of his family by killing a Christian Kaffir (infidel). Gathering a band of local supporters that grew into a large mob, he travelled to the local Police station and handed himself in as a cold blooded murderer.

The mob continued to chant that Azhar was an Islamic hero who had slain a vile and evil Christian, and that he deserved to go to heaven.  As the venomous nature of the mob increased they threatened to kill other local Christians to retrieve the honour of Islam from the clutches of evil. On hearing this many Christians fled the area which has 500 homes and close to 200 of these are Christian.

Nadia had to fight for her life in Lahore General Hospital where she was in a coma for 24 hours.  She has now recovered but requires treatment to remove the bullet from her body.  Thus far, despite the witness statement from local people and Nadia, only her brother Azhar has been incarcerated.  The family of Aleem Masih are seeking full justice and they have asked for the father and the other two assailants involved in the incident, who have since had FIRs registered against them, to be arrested and charged.  The Lahore High Court however has granted them bail which is believed to be due to the fear of a mass mob attack.

In the meanwhile Nadia Din, continues to reside with the family of the slain Christian Aleem Masih. nbsp;

Naaem Masih, the brother of Aleem Masih said:

“I have lost my beautiful brother, he was so young and all because a Muslim family felt it an insult that a Christian married a Muslim. Now the same family threatens us all daily but we will not give up and will seek justice.”

This family have asked for support with the medical costs for Nadia and for help with relocation to another area where they can flee from the threats and potential attack from the family of Nadia.  The BPCA is launching an appeal 

Image of the happy young couple
Sister Nadia now desperately needs help with medical costs to repair internal damage after being shot in the abdomen.

Please pray:

Nadia will recover well and she can have the operation she now needs following the attack
That she can cope emotionally with the grief of losing her beloved husband at the hands of her own family
Nadia is able to forgive her family for killing her husband and for shooting her with intent to kill her
That so called ‘honour’ killings will stop in Pakistan and women will be free to choose to marry who they wish.

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