Struggling Pak-christian families supported in Thailand

On 15th October 2020 the Royal Thai Government announced that the country would be entering a ‘state of emergency’.  This means that gatherings are
restricted to a maximum of 5 across the nations and an evening curfew is in place.  This has meant that Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are
no longer are more visible on the streets again, which is leaving them prone to arrest and incarceration in the various Bangkok Immigration Detention

Those who are working illegally in Thailand are frightened of being caught and have asked for Christians across the globe to pray for them as
they struggle with Thailand’s reluctance to adopt UN Conventions for asylum, while also placing them at risk of infection from COVID-19.  In the
meanwhile we have continued to serve the few families we can with financial assistance during this difficult period. You can hear some accounts on
the video below:

We would like to raise a further £2000 to free two people from the IDC after being contacted by families seeking assistance. It is much safer for the UN approved asylum-seekers or refugees within the IDC to be in a lockdown within their homes than in the IDC, which is already a known infection centre for many awful diseases. If you can help us with the funds needed to free IDC detainees on bail terms (read more here), or with our regular support for Pak-Christians in Thailand, please donate using one of the many options listed (here)