The targeting of minority ‘Others’ in Pakistan- Ahmadi student

Calls for the death of Ahmadi students and their parents, in the wake of false blasphemy charges, arecommon and the case of Rana Sajeel Ahmad highlights the desperate situation faced by so many Ahmadis in Pakistan:

Rana Sajeel Ahmad, a 16-year old Ahmadi student of Pubic High School, Khushab, was beaten up severely by a gang of students on November 23rd 2011. He now faces the dreaded accusation of blasphemy. Subsequent to the beating, the attackers accused Ahmad of preaching his creed and defiling the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). The school administration found it convenient to accept the fabrication. The next day, Rana Hakim Jamil, father of the victim, met the school principal, but he expelled Ahmad from the school accusing him of blasphemy.

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