The Targeting of minority "Others" in Pakistan "Who this book is for"

Excerpt from the Targeting of “Minority Others” in Pakistan

In this highly politicised context in which human rights violations against the ‘minority Other’ have been taking place in Pakistan, and many asylum seekers and human rights campaigners have been – and are being – targeted for deportation and/or criminalisation in the UK for exposing the injustices and targeting that befalls the ‘minority Other’, we hope that concerned members of parliament, the public, anti-deportation campaigners, asylum seekers appealing their deportation notices, human rights organisations and campaigners, policy makers, lawyers, students, academics and church and other faith and non-faith groups will find this report of use and reflect upon its findings. Selective quotations from key reports, books and articles have been used, and extensive referencing of sources has been used, particularly in Chapters 2 and 3, so that asylum seekers and anti-deportation campaigners and lawyers, concerned parliamentarians, as well as human rights organisations, concerned faith and non-faith groups and other campaign groups, in particular, can refer to them in relevant case-work, parliamentary and campaign work. Genocide scholars and Genocide Prevention campaigning organisations (of which there are many), together with investigative journalists, will hopefully also find this report of relevance to their work.

Thank you for reading this and please know that your sharing, liking and commenting on this post goes a long way in helping to give voice to the persecuted.

All proceeds from the sale of the book support the work of the BPCA. Much of the early sales will be used to support victims of the Peshawar bomb attacks – December 2013.

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