TV Channel razed to the ground for preaching the Gospel!

Hundreds of outreach books fuelled a 30 minute blaze destroying the TV Channel’s offices.  

Gawahi TV, a Christian cable TV channel based in Karachi, was razed to the ground in what owners believe was a religiously motivated attack. Peter Danish
the station’s 25 year old Director confirmed that for the last 3 months several threats were received by the station for their continuance to preach
the Gospel across Pakistan – an act that is said to create as much animosity in Pakistan today as when the disciples were alive.

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The fire at their offices located at Akhtar Colony, very near to St Peter’s colony which consumed all their equipment including PCs, Macs, cameras, sound
and editing equipment and 1500 newly published outreach books entitled “The Christ’s Hope,” has been officially recorded as an electrical short circuit.

However, the channel’s owner Pastor Safraz William has confirmed that people had been seen running away from the building and the door had visible signs
of forced physical entry.  Moreover the CCTV cameras and recordings that could have proven trespass and arson had been stolen.

The suspicious broken lock  

The work of Gawahi Mission Trust has now been temporarily stopped. The mission was initiated through a collaboration between Catholics and Protestants
and had been sharing hymns, daily devotionals, news and the Gospel to over 12,000,000 viewers daily.  The station had been employing 15 members
of staff comprising of 12 Christians and 3 Muslims, and was airing 6 hours of fresh footage each day during their 24 hour TV service. 

The sizeable Christian community of South Karachi where the station was located have been shocked and stunned by the attack.

Local viewer Boota Masih, said:

“The channel was a beacon of hope for many.  It was a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the word of God, the loss of the channel whether for a
short time or long time will affect us.  The attack reminds us again how the word of God is hated by local Muslims and this frightens me.” 


Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA, said:

“The word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword and when it pierces hearts often unbelievers simply do not know how to react. Christians are always
going to be persecuted in Pakistan and other theocratic nations, simply because our first commission from God is for evangelism.  It is the eagerness
and willingness of Christians to share God’s word that ignites anger amongst Muslims of Pakistan, who see the simple act of sharing the gospel as an
attack on their way of life, despite the fact that Christianity pre-dates Islam in the country. This latest attack is an ongoing attempt to purge the
nation of infidels and will not stop till the government opts for a more secular future and introduces grass-roots programmes to eradicate existing
societal polarisation.”

British Pakistani Christian Association intends to help Gawahi get back on its feet.  We are speaking to their management team and will update you
on their needs for restoration. We hope to help them buy new equipment and repair their building in order that millions might once again hear the gospel
message broadcast through Pakistan.   

We will continue to do all we can to help Pakistani Christians, but we can’t do it without you. Please pray and give what you can to enable them move to on to a life free from harassment and religious hatred.

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