Two Christian village girls raped during visit to outdoor toilet.

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By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: Two Christian girls Sehrish (18yrs) and Farazana (14yrs) were forcibly raped by several Muslim men in District Jaranwala on 29th November 2014. 


Sehrish and Farazana daughters of Ilyas Masih went to the fields nearby house where they have a communal cesspit as an outdoor toilet.  While there several very aggressive and lecherous Muslim men grabbed then and took them deeper into the local woods, where the two innocent virgin girls were gang raped.  The men laughed and mocked the girls as they took away their innocence, stating this was the fate of all Christian girls.

The girls than had to make their own way home running scared and half naked after the terrifying ordeal. When they told their parents what happened their father Ilyas Masih a resident of Chack no, 651/2 immediately went to the local Police station.  
Yet despite pleading for justice the local Police refused to register a First Incident Report (FIR) and tried to coerce the father to reach a compensation agreement with the men who had scarred his daughters for life.  The father has stated that the police were extremely aggressive with him in their attempts at reaching an unlawful compromise between him an the perpetrators of the vicious attack on his daughters.

The brave father Ilyas Masih has pursued the matter through the local courts and civil judge Kamran has ordered for a medical examination to be undertaken on the poor defenceless girls, who have been physically shaken by the event.  Shamim Masih said;

“Even now as I write this piece the father has advised me that threats are being made to him, his friends and his family.  However, he will keep his resolve and will get justice for his daughters. Ilyas has told me that he is willing to die for his daughters and trusts that God will see them through this difficult period.”