We are making good progress towards bathroom facility for Sherish and Farzana

Sisters Sherish and Farzana by the new bathroom facility provided by the BPCA.

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By Mehwish Bhatti
Progress towards the bathroom for Sherish and Farzana has been good.  The physical structure is almost complete and looks solid and fit for purpose, the builders inform me that the building is strong enough to withstand local flood and other potential weather concerns.  Moreover it will add a buffer and some support to the existing less stable mud house the family reside within.  A solid foundation was laid and the whole entire internal building has been lined with concrete.  The door is solid wood and is big enough for wheelchair access should it ever be required and the piping has has all been inserted.

What remains now is the boring and installation of a pump that connects to a watercourse,  The work has begun and we hope that the facility will be in use by the end of this week.

The construction now means the family will no longer have to use the local forest as a toilet and are able to protect themselves from illness and disease, through a cleaner lifestyle.  Moreover the girls in the family will no longer be prey to sexual predators in the community. 

BPCA is now collecting towards a further larger scale installation that will provide showers, toilets and baby changing facilities for the whole community.  We believe the facility will reduce the significant health concerns around the spread of disease and will lengthen the short life expectancy of 54years, for the area of Jaranwala.  Our project will cost around £15,000 and we have already consulted with the local community of which 100% have expressed favour for our project.