We are not called to be victims, but to be overcomers

Tonight we held a special meeting, which was held by the youth of Millenium Kingdom Church in Bahar Colony. This church has been very supportive of us,
since we have started working for the BPCA in Pakistan. In the last 3 years of coming to Pakistan, I’ve seen this church grow from just a few families,
to over 100 members. This is a credit to the church leaders, who have offered just that, leadership, which is rare among Christians in churches round
this country. 

The worship here is always vibrant and tonight is no exception. There is a nice blend of Psalms and other assorted Christian songs, to move the
heart. Yet, the beauty of this church, is that their music does not take the place of preaching the Word. Prayer is also very highly regarded by
them, at least twice a month, they engage in all night prayer, as well as good solid Sunday school teaching. They are also planning to plant a
church in Yohounabad, that is Johnstown in English, something I support due to the major problems of that area.

I preach from Psalm 73, where I look at the problem of perspective and of how many Christians have the wrong perspective. I have mentioned this
before, but many Christians in Pakistan see themselves as victims and fall into the trap of self pity becoming moaning Christians as a result.
The first verse in Psalm 73, is the key one, “Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.” We are not called to be victims,
but to be overcomers.

God’s plan is to make us holy, and even though life is not always fair and indeed most of the time is not, we must remember trials make us grow.
We must also remember that God is just, no matter what unbelievers seem to get away with it in this world, appearing to have it all, their lot
will come in the next life. Sometimes God will discipline and chastise us, in order to fulfil His purpose as Hebrews 12:6 tells us. “For whom the
Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son He receiveth.”

After the meeting, certain members were convicted on this issue, precisely because the image of the Pakistan Christian is one of a victim. This
has fed the donor controversy out here and has led in some cases to a culture of professional beggary. I thank God for the donors who give selflessly,
to the work being done as long as that is the case, but sadly all too often this is being undermined by unscrupulous so called pastors who just
pocket the money. I have seen and been a victim of this myself.

Our prayers should be directed to the good work being done on education and sponsoring true pastors who wish to see the Kingdom of God grow. Even
if we are victims of charlatans, we must not get angry or bitter, but instead overcome these situations by the grace of God. This should be our
perspective and let us pray it is and always shall be.

Blessings on you

Brother Leighton