63 year old Pak-Christian grandmother seeks freedom from Bangkok IDC

A 63 year old grandmother Mrs Rasoolan Bibi who was arrested in a crackdown on asylum seekers and refugees in Thailand days before Christmas (19th December
2019) is seeking help to escape the brutal detention she is suffering in Bangkok’s infamous Immigration Detention Centre.

Rasoolan suffers with Eczema, Arthritis and hypertension and  survivor and has high blood pressure. We have been advised that the IDC authorities
are not providing any medical support and are trying to use the predicament of the grandmother to coerce Rasoolan and her family back to Pakistan.

This is not the first time this has happened and previous duress and failure to provide healthcare to detainees has already led to 8 deaths in the
IDC.  Moreover there was also one death of a detainee who chose voluntary assisted return to Pakistan so he could obtain medical care (click here)
Sadly for Mr Asloob’s family the elderly father died two weeks after returning to his homeland.  Reasons for the death include a worsening of
his health condition during his detention in the IDC and a painfully arduous flight.

The daughter of Rasoolan, Amreen Latif contacted BPCA with a request for support. After several requests to other charities failed to yield any support
Amreen contacted BACA who have agreed to support the release the grandmother.

Amreen spoke with BACA, she siad:

“In her last visit to a hospital the doctor advised my mum to be more careful because her kidneys were not functioning properly.

“Alarming there are certain prescribed medicines with she needs to take everyday, But since being detained there has been no way to send her any medicine.

“Now I’m afraid with her condition, that when [detainees] come down for exercise, her blood pressure remains high.”

“I am praying for her swift release but I know the process for her bail will be slow, please ask people to pray for us.”

To be able to do extricate Rasoolan from the IDC we need to raise 50,000 (£1260) to pay the associated bail fees.  If you are able to help please donate by (clicking here)