See how your delivered unwanted goods have been helping deprived children in Pakistan

British Asian Christian Association, is grateful for all the unwanted goods that you have been providing to us to send to Pakistan.  Model cars, clothes
stationery and much more have provided great joy to many children and adults suffering extreme financial hardship.  We share some images from
the various distributions we have been sending.  In future will be sending more orghanised updates on this facet of our work so that donors can
see that not only are the goods being put to good use, but those in receipt are excited and grateful about each delivery.  

To ensure that God is given the glory any gifts given to children are coupled with soft drinks and crisps in a short bible study where they are taught
to thank God for His love for them. 

We hope the images inspire you to give more of these helpful physical donations. If churches in Ilford want to support us more favourably we are more
than willing to collect from your doors. Please do come back to us if you would like to help.

Our Ilford collection depot is based at:

Clementswood Community Centre
14a Connaught Road