A man gave his life to Christ in Malir

Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue the discipling
those who have been already been reached through our previous campaigns. Leighton’s remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith
of Christians who have little access to regular church services setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural
communities, he is to bring revival and better understanding to Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology
and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and the need to place our trust in Him. Leighton has also been reaching out to Muslims
and we hope that soon his work will provide a dividend by bringing others to the family of God.

Leighton has been having great success with many believers expressing revival, churchgoers committing their lives to Christ, and Muslims taking an interest in the Gospel though yet to commit to Christ. We hope with further donations to make Leighton’s role a permanent one in two years time. For this we will need the help and support of those who was to see Christ’s gospel flourishing in Pakistan and seek you help to finance this important ministry. One of our costs is the purchase of bibles at £4 each. If you would like to help please donate by clicking (here).

Below is one of Leighton’s recent accounts of a trip to Malir, Karachi:

A man gave his life this day, after what was a very successful meeting. Malir is a new Christian colony still under construction, but promises to be
a good community led by earnest believers. We are met by local businessman and layman Alan George, who is enthusiastic for the gospel and keen to see
better teaching being made available for his flock. I am told, that I am the first foreign speaker this community has ever had.

The worship was vibrant and me and Mehwish bring the Word from Mark 4:1-20, that most famous of parables, being the sower. The key here, was to challenge
people on their spiritual state. So many Pakistani Christians are desperate to get to the West, that that becomes an idol in itself. I informed them
that in the case of the gospel, true hearing comes from the heart, not just ear service as it were. Also, God’s word does not return to Him void, He
knows those who belong to Him, and He scatters His pearls before swine. We are all unclean before the Lord as swine, and it is only through His grace
we are saved, just read Ephesians 2:8 “for by grace ye are saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God.”

God I preached, is sovereign over salvation, I know this, not just because it is what is in scripture, look at Ephesians 1:4, we were chosen before
the foundation of the world, but also because of all the false professions I’ve heard. Jesus wants our lives, not just an empty oath. Actions speak
louder than words, and if we truly belong to God, then our faith will translate into good works. (Ephesians 2:10).

The audience listened intently, and one man who confessed and repented of his materialism, recommitted and gave his life to Jesus. Salvation came to
that community through the working of the Holy Spirit, amen and alleluia I say to that. We must as Paul told Timothy, “preach the Word, be instant
in season, out of season, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.” (2 Timothy 4:2) This is what will effect revival here in Pakistan,
the preaching of the Word, the scattering of God’s pearls among the swine, so that some might be saved. We do not know who those are, the elect of
God, but rest assured He does, and it is through our preaching and evangelism, that those who are lost, will be found. We thank and praise the Lord
God, for His providence and for His salvation. Truly salvation is of the Lord, amen. (Jonah 2:9)

Brother Leighton