A tale of two families

Image of Leighton Medley with family of Arslan Masih

Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue the discipling
those who have been already been reached through our previous campaigns. Leighton’s remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith
of Christians who have little access to regular church services setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural
communities, he is to bring revival and better understanding to Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology
and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and the need to place our trust in Him. Leighton has also been reaching out to Muslims
and we hope that soon his work will provide a dividend by bringing others to the family of God.

Leighton has been having great success with many believers expressing revival, churchgoers committing their lives to Christ, and Muslims taking an interest in the Gospel though yet to commit to Christ. We hope with further donations to make Leighton’s role a permanent one in two years time. For this we will need the help and support of those who was to see Christ’s gospel flourishing in Pakistan and seek you help to finance this important ministry. One of our costs is the purchase of bibles at £4 each. If you would like to help please donate by clicking (here).

Below is one of Leighton’s recent accounts of a trip to Sheikhupura, Punjab (near Lahore) :

On Wednesday the 15th November, we in BPCA visited 2 families, both of them victims of different tragedies, but both for different reasons. Our first visit
was to the family of Arslan Masih, who was only crime was to drink from a water cooler that was for Muslims only and to be successful at his school,
outperforming his Muslim counterparts. This incensed the local Muslim population leading unsurprisingly to reprisals. The incident took place at his
academy, where the uncle of the boy he fought with, summarily asked 5 policemen to gun him down, after beating him senseless outside the academy. They
duly did this and have left a grieving family, awaiting to see if justice will be served through the courts.

This is an innocent family, who were grateful to see us, they did not ask for money, just someone to listen. They are a spiritual family, and I counselled
them from the Word of God, about how one day, they would be reunited with their son, when our Lord returns. There were tears as I spoke with them,
but as we prayed, I felt a sense of peace, this family sought God and were comforted by His spirit. I believe in the spring, we should return here
and conduct a teaching, which when put to them, they enthusiastically accepted, so I guess we shall be back.

Images of praying with Arslan Family

Next up we’re Rehman Masih’s Family, who could not have been more different. They claimed that a Muslim force fed their relative with some
poisoned drugs, something I have a hard time believing. The real tragedy of this family, was as BPCA worker Ambar Saroya notes and quite correctly,
how far from God they were. The other son seemed desperate to get them out of Pakistan, claiming intimidation and education as reasons, but
that was the problem, as I tried to counsel from the Bible, I got the sense they were not listening. For one, it took them an age to find their
bible, which begs the question, when was the last time they read it, and the offer of a move to safe house with counselling was rejected, the
safe house I know to be safe, because I have stayed there myself. This family in my view is worldly, and the moral of this story is we often
live and die by the choices we make in life.

I believe Rehman died because he was involved with unsavoury characters in a world of drugs and sin. That’s the real shame, and sadly the reality
of many Christians in Pakistan, who then cleave after a move to the West, thinking that’s the answer to their prayers. The bible clearly states
that this thinking in Ecclesiastes, is all vanity. It will get us no where, possessions don’t save us, only the blood of Jesus and His spirit
guiding us, can lead us to salvation. We do well to remember that, before trying to trick our way to so called worldly things, which may appear
to be better, but in fact end up being far worse.

Brother Leighton


Image of prayers with Rehman Masih family

Despite having visited the family of Rehman Masih during the initial reports over a month ago BPCA did not cover the story, due to a number of misgivings.  Sadly other charities have published articles on this fallacious account of persecution.