Aleeza seeks help for an artificial limb

On 26th April 2018 our Karachi based officer Irfan Victor took Aleeza (1 year 10 months) to Aga Khan hospital for a consultation with Dr Zaheer the prosthetist.
Dr Zaheer has assessed Aleeza and has advised positively for the addition of an artificial limb.

Dr Zaheer then held a second consultation visit on Friday 27th April 2018. During the consultation it was assessed that baby Aleeza needs four to five
consultation visits before installation of an artificial limb.The artificial limb will need to be changed on a quarterly basis till she reaches 14
years of age because her body is still in growing significantly. During the consultation Aleeza was assessed for an artificial limb and a casting was
taken for size and a tolerance test was undertaken for the treatment.

Irfan Victor, said:

“We took Aleeza to Aga Khan Hospital to have a consultation with Dr Zaheer, he took the size of her leg and prepared for a stump through a plaster
cast. Once we raise the funds necessary she will have a trial fitting for an artificial limb made of a cast and plaster. If Aleeza adapts well to the
artificial cast test, which lasts for about 10 days during which she assessed on how well the stump responds to the prosthetic, she will then have
the artificial limb implanted.” 

The various visits being undertaken to the hospital by our staff member accompanying Aleeza and her family and the consultancy fees are using up what funds we had left for Aleeza rapidly.  The artificial leg installation will cost around £355 including visits. However, we are seeking around £1000 for foreseeable ongoing costs while we support Aleeza through her restoration post-Quetta-bomb-attack.

If you can help us with doantions to support our work helping Aleeza, please contribute by using any of the payment options listed (here)