Bomb blast miracle survivor still desperately needs our help

By Mehwish Bhatti


Mehwish (centre) with miraculous survivor Qaisor Pervaiz, his wife Samina and their one year old son Cornelius

The Lahore twin bomb attack in Youhanabad left many Christians crippled and in a helpless situation.  Up until that date Qaisor Pervaiz, 35, worked in a garment factory as a technical officer, but now he is unemployed and in financial ruin.  

During the attack Qaisor, a voluntary security officer, saw his colleague rush to apprehend a suicide bomber.  Qaisor also rushed after him and while his friend grappled with the attacker, Qaisor successfully pinned the bomber’s arms up to prevent him exploding his device.  Unfortunately for the two of them he was partnered by a gunmen who shot the incendiary device around the bomber’s waist.  In the blast that resulted Qaisor’s colleague was blown into pieces, whereas he survived.  Qaisor lived due to God’s grace and the fact that his body was pinned tightly to his friend’s which buffered  him from the impact of the explosion, but left him with 85% burns and fighting for survival.  Initially Qaisor was pronounced dead but after resuscitation he was taken to Lahore General Hospital, where there is no specialist burns unit.  I visited him the day after the attack and got the chance to pray for him, and to leave some money and food for his family to survive on while they awaited the news of his health.  When I first saw him the hospital held little chance that he would survive, but by a miracle of God Qaisor is alive and well today.

On my recent visit to Youhanabad many victims shared how they still miss their lost loved ones and are still struggling to survive without them.  In many cases those killed and maimed were breadwinners.  This attack  took away many things from their loved ones including their health and finances, and it has left them with real fear in their hearts.

Qaisor Pervaiz is still on medication and has been advised by doctors that he will not be able to resume working for one whole year. His wife Samina Ayub shared with me her pain that she has had to cancel the school admission for her daughter Sitiash, due to a lack of finances.  She said:

“I am quite worried about how I will cope with the regular family expenses for this year. My relatives who initially helped us can’t take responsibility for such a long period. Both my children are growing and are in need of healthy nutrition and milk.”  She broke down in tears at this point.

“My son Cornelius (one year old) is developing  a bone deficiency and his limbs show visible signs of bending, due to malnutrition.  He needs to be checked by a physiotherapist whose fees we can’t afford.  My attention is divided between taking full care of my husband, who is still unable to even lift anything by himself or walk due to pain and weakness, and my son who needs me 24/7 as he is a small baby.  I pray daily that God will help me.”

Qaisor Pervaiz believes that divine intervention has saved him.  He also believes that such an escape from close proximity to an explosion must mean God has a specific purpose for his life.  He said:

” I am aware of the helpless situation my wife is in, she has been remarkable and has tried her best to seek help.  I am praying that people who hear our plight are moved to help us and the many other victims of this horrible unwarranted attack.”

Every month the family have to pay £80 rent for their house and bills. The owner of the house has recently been very aggressive with Mrs Pervaiz, however the BPCA were able to come to her aid and pay the outstanding rent for the family.  In order for us to continue to help them throughout the year that Qaisor is recuperating, we really need your support. 

I was really saddened by discovering the destitute situation this family find themselves in.  I also helped the family to purchase food groceries for the whole month. The food and aid parcels included milk and other baby supplies.

To help this family we need regular donations amounting to £80 per month to cover rent and Qaisor also requires regular medical treatment which amounts to £33 per month.

I prayed with the family declaring healing for both Qaisor and their son Cornelius, and left with a promise that I will return with good news for them.

The family were very grateful for the food and baby supplies

Mehwish prays fervently for one year old Cornelius to be healed

Qaisor Pervaiz prays with daughter Sitiash

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