BPCA Flood Appeal – we have raised £500 in our first week!

The recent deluge in Pakistan has decimated the country and has made millions homeless across the country. Conservative estimates indicate that around 700,000 people have been made homeless and that 3million people have been affected by the floods. Newer reported figures of around 14 million people having been affected by the floods illustrate that the destruction and desolation affecting Pakistan are the worst in their known history.

Charities up and down the country have been mobilising to react to the catastrophe in an attempt to bring succour and respite to a beleaguered people, however, as road/rail and other transport links have been destroyed or made unsafe for use – most aid is arriving to vital points with significant delay and in small quantity. Some areas are inaccessible to planes and helicopters due to landing restrictions and where possible food and equipment is being thrown from great heights, causing damage. Travel in some areas is being reduced to horse and cart, small boats donkey back or pedestrian endeavour.

Reports of further inundation and continuing rains make it impossible to calculate the total impact. Moreover some reports say the worse is still to come.

The British Pakistani Christian Association has responded to the inevitable needs of the people in Pakistan, by creating a flood relief campaign. The Campaign has been broadcast on Premier Christian Radio for over 4 days after the initial reports of the disaster. 8 Local BBC Radio stations including; BBC WILTSHIRE, BBC SOLENT, BBC ESSEX, BBC MANCHESTER, BBC CAMBRIDGESHIRE, BBC NORTHANTS, BBC BRISTOL and BBC LANCASHIRE, held live interviews with Wilson Chowdhry on Sunday 7th August in the BPCA capacity, as Executive members of the South Asian Forum a wing of the Evangelical Alliance. They have all highlighted our Flood appeal which demonstrates to a wider community that Pakistani Christians exist in the UK and that we are concerned for the people of Pakistan

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Our intent is to declare to the wider Pakistani Community and International People that Pakistani Christians share a love for Pakistan. We will ensure that any churches or Pakistani Christian groups involved in the fundraising are highlighted and that there is a visible accounting and traceability process for all funds.

We would appreciate if you would advise us of whether or not your churches would unite with us, in our attempt to bring some restitution to the harshly affected people of Pakistan.

In the coming weeks your churches will be contacted via telephone to confirm commitment and we hope that as many of you as possible will pledge support for what is a very worthy cause.