Monsoon Floods Devastate Southern Punjab

Today (10th August 2015)
news of massive floods in Pakistan reminds us of the frail nature of
Asia’s ecosystem.  Already reports of 170 deaths in Southern Punjab are
indicative of the human cost and dangers faced living in the region. 
The impact on Pakistan will grow as days pass, and
our fears are that other lives will be lost before we see any cessation
to this large scale inundation.  Initial reports estimate one million people have been affected  with acres of agricultural land and crops being lost and at least 500,000 homes rendered uninhabitable.

The British Pakistani Christian
Association has a long history of flood response disaster recovery.  Our
very first humanitarian work was in response to the massive 2010
deluge.  As in previous years we have opened a recovery fund and pray
our donors will help us to bring succour to suffering victims.  Our officer Naveed is currently en route to visit victims in order to assess how we
can help.  Work will include building repairs, food, clean water,
temporary shelter and medical aid.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said:

“These floods have a five year history and yet the Government still
refuses to put adequate investment into infrastructure such as a dam,
canal improvements and flood buffers that could reduce the impact and
save lives.  This problem is compounded by the fragile indo-pak relationship, that prevents a joined up approach towards prevention of floods via the two neighbouring nations of India and Pakistan.”  
He added:

“Muslim charities have an evident abhorrence to
helping Christians unless they commit to converting. This will not occur
and so our vulnerable community will be ignored in preference of more
‘valuable’ Muslims.  It is imperative to donate to Christian charities
such as the BPCA to ensure Christians are not overlooked.”

Please will you help us to ease the burdens of those affected by the monsoon floods? Your gift really can make a difference.  

Please give using these bank details:
Payee: BPCA

Sort Code: 20-44-22
Account number: 43163318
Bank: Barclays

Ref:  Love for Pak-Christians

For international donations please use these details:

IBAN:  GB62 BARC 20442243163318


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Any cheques should be made payable to the BPCA
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With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan