Family of serial killers targeting unmarried Christian men thwarted by BPCA

Dressed in pink Naila smiles but is this the face of a murderer.

The corpse of a young man who was missing for 40 days was discovered in a field in Sialkot, Pakistan. After pressure from a solicitor hired by the
BPCA a police investigation began leading to the discovery of a murder plot linking the family of a girl named Naila Khalid Masih (26 years) who was
involved in a relationship with the murder victim Sharoon Bhatti (21 years).  Although initially the murder was assumed to be an honour killing
further investigation elucidated a long term scheme to extract money from young men through romantic seducement and murder.  

Around two and a half years ago (late 2014) Sharoon Bhatti who lived in Gujaranwala met a young woman named Naila Khalid Masih through Facebook.  Naila
lived in Sialkot which was two hours travel away.  The two of them started an online friendship that blossomed and Naila shared with Sharoon Bhatti
that she worked as a travel agent.  Sharoon himself at the time was a student nurse and completed his course 7 months later by which time the
two were very close friends.

Naila getting closer to Sharoon Bhatti

Eventually they shared telephone numbers and could be heard calling each other regularly as they developed a romantic relationship and started one
another when Sharron travelled to Sialkot. However after completing his studies Sharoon was placed at a hospital in Karachi for a male nurse training
placement.  Every semester Sharoon would visit his family and would stop to see Naila for a few days before he went home.

Naila’s family had two homes one in Islamabad and one in Sialkot and Sharoon would visit both locations to see her. After completing his two training
placement Sharoon came home to live with his family in October 2016.  Whilst there he asked for 300,000 rupees (£2224) from the family savings
from a import and export business and the money came from a shared pot. Sharoon told his family that he was travelling to Dubai to start a new import
and export business based on precious stones in Dubai. Later the family discovered that Sharoon had actually simply use the money for the holiday with
Naila after police found photos.

After fours day Sharoon returned home and stated that he started the business and brought back a few letterheads business cards as proof.  Hos
family trusted Sharoon who up until this point had been a reliable and trustworthy son.  Soon after Dubai (October – December 2016) he went back
to his college at Sindhu Hospital Karachi to complete an internship that had been offered.  Sharoon told his family that the internship required
him to travel to Islamabad and Sialkot, but the travel to these locations was later discovered to be romantic trysts with Naila, during which it was
believed he spent the remainder of the money he had taken from his family. The family also later uncovered that he had never taken up the internship
offered to him at Karachi.

On 29th December 2016 Sharoon returned home and was found to be agitated and requested further funds of 600,000 rupees (£4448), which the mother agreed
to give to him. He explained to his mother that he was going to Australia to live with Naila and start a professional career in nursing. He then drove
away with the money, a laptop, a Samsung Galaxy Notepad smart phone and the family car amounting to a loss of around £11,000. That was the last time
any family member saw Sharoon alive.

On 30th December Sharoon called his siblings in Thailand and sounded very tense.  To his brother Moon Bhatti, he said:

“I am not marrying Naila, I have discovered something very bad about her.  Sharoon kept getting interrupted by Naila who could be heard in the background shouting and trying to grab the phone.  

“I cant talk at the moment Sharoon said, but I will tell you later because she is standing hear before me causing problems.” 

The phone call was terminated and despite several attempts by the brothers to call back the phone remained unresponsive.

For the whole of January no contact was received form Sharoon.  then on 1st February 2017 a message was received By Moon from Sharoon’s Skype
account in which was written.  

“I am very frightened I have killed the son of a Member of National Assembly (MNA) and right now I am in a internet cafe and I have sold my car in fear that I will be caught.”

Moon asked Sharoon to call him but no call was received but Moon was prompted to chat via skype messaging. 

A further response was written that said:

“To escape the heat Naila and I will be travelling to Karachi and from Karachi we travel by ship to Turkey. After two or free days Moon received a
skype message which read as follows:

“Send me a telephone number and I will call you.”

Moon sent his number and the next day an unknown person from Turkey called Moon and stated that a young woman and man have been found dead after jumping
of a ship, in what he reported looked like a suicide incident. When Moon asked how the man found his number he was advised by the passenger that he
had been residing in a room next to Naila and Sharoon and had found the number in their room after the incident. 

On 1st March Moon Bhatti (27years) returned to Pakistan along with her sister Mehwish (25), he had been residing in Thailand. They took over the search
for their missing brother and immediately set about calling Naila Khalid’s family. To their increasing anxiety they discovered that the family was
not responding to their numerous calls.

On the evening of 11th March the family were visited by local police officials who advised them that a dead body had been found and was suspected
to be that of Sharoon Bhatti (21 years).  The family were asked to identify the corpse which had been found in some fields within pasrur Sialkot
and left immediately for Sialkot.

After identification of Sharoon’s corpse the family were provided with a death certificate that estimated the date of death as 1st February 2017. The
post-mortem report established three minor injuries on the neck of Sharoon and a fracture on the his left ankle.  It was surmised that Sharoon
was killed by strangulation that resulted in restriction of the windpipe.  The post-mortem had been conducted in the District Headquarters, Sialkot.
The family immediately pursued an FIR against Naila Khalid and her family at Pasrur Police station.

Police raided Naila home in Sialkot on the same day and arrested her mother Rubina Masih (52 years) and her sister Shumaila Masih (27 years).  Naila’s
father Mr Khalid Masih (55 years) and brother Babar (30 years) escaped.

During a search of the Naila’s family home local police found a marriage certificate of Naila Khalid to Sharoon which was later found to be a fake.
 Sharoon’s bank statement was found at Naila’s home as was his luggage and one broken mobile phone which they believed belonged to Sharoon. After
inspection all the items were handed  over to Sharoon’s family.

Despite police insouciance the family now supported by the British Pakistani Christian Association, paid for the phone to be repaired and discovered
the phone had belonged to Naila.  When Mehwish Bhatti our lead officer in Pakistan and the family looked through messages and images they were
flabbergasted by the contents. Images within the phone indicated that Naila had two passports one that gave her a Christian identity and the other
older one registered her with an alternative name Sana Zaman and Muslim faith. 

Is Naila Khalid Masih Christian?

Or is her real name Sana Zaman and is she Muslm?

Several conversations also revealed that Naila was seducing another Christian man on Facebook and enticing him with a similar hoax of settling abroad.

Naila was charged for murder
but successfully applied for bail which was granted on 20th April 2017.  BPCA 
Solicitor Niaz Amer challenged her bail on 8th May and successfully had it cancelled, but since that date police cannot locate her and she is still
a fugitive. Her father Khalid however was arrested from Sambrial on 29th May.  To date both the brother Babar and Naila are still missing.

Criminal investigations on the members of the family have uncovered a very seedy criminal background.  The family are known to be harbourers of
wanted criminals and to be leading a prostitution racket.  They are involved in burglary and the sister is also known to be involved in a similar
entrapment of young Christian men. There are now several murder trials being linked to the family who are believed to be serial killers. Moreover several
years ago one of Naila’s brothers was shot dead by police during an encounter.

The case is now being pursued in the Additional District Session Court of Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar, in Sialkot. 12 hearings have already been paid for by the BPCA but we require your help to continue to seek justice for the family of Sharoon.  We estimate the total cost for seeing this case through to completion will cost in the region of £4000.  If you would like to help cover these costs that will help incarcerate serial killers of Christians in Pakistan then please donate by (clicking here)

The family of Sharoon Bhatti are receiving many threats from unknown callers and have received a lot of hate mail in the post.  They are frightened
about being killed as the family have strong criminal connections and have been involved in previous disappearances and murders.

Some of the many criminal charges laid against Naila and her family: