Terrorist who attempted to kill Christians at a Church on Easter has been pardoned for being too brainy for prison.

A medical student who openly confessed to having joined IS in Syria after being thwarted by Pakistani security during an attempted suicide attack on a
church on Easter Day, has been set free.

In a public statement on Samaa TV Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Noreen Laghari was not a terrorist but was about to become one when she
was saved by security forces (click here)

During his press conference  the spokesperson for Pakistan’s armed forces said that she had been saved well before her kam umar (immature)
mind was brainwashed by militants.

“So should we treat Noreen like a terrorist or release her so that she can tell others how she was trapped and used for terrorism?” he said. “In this way, awareness will be created among the younger generation and parents as well as institutions,” he added.

Noreen Jabar Leghari (20 yrs) was a second year student of MBBS in Liaquat University of Medical Science (LUMS), Jamshoro, but went missing from her
family home two months ago (February 10th).  She later confessed to having joined up with terrorist group IS in Syria.

Noreen was arrested on Easter Day (16th April 2017) during a security forces operation near Punjab Housing Society, Lahore.

During the skirmish with security forces one man was killed and Noreen and two other suspects were arrested. Two suicide vests and other explosives
and weapons were confiscated during the operation which also resulted in injuries to four soldiers. It is believed that the man killed during the raid
was the husband of Noreen.

Watch video of Noreen Leghari self-confessing that she was recruited as a Daesh suicide bomber (click here)

There has been a public outcry for mercy for Noreen Leghari as Many Muslims believe the promising medical student should be forgiven.  Supporters
of her release believe she has been brainwashed by militants due to her vulnerable age.  Across Pakistan many Muslims campaigned for her life
to be spared and for her to not receive a custodial sentence.  They argued would destroy a very bright future for a highly intelligent mind.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

“Noreen Leghari is a woman intelligent enough to be considered for a role as a doctor yet is being described as pliable and immature.

“Miss Leghari’s animosity for Christians would no doubt have led to many deaths including her own, yet a ‘soul searching nation’ have a strong will and desire to show her mercy.

“How many of these same Pakistani citizens would be so forgiving had Miss Legahri planned to bomb a Muslim School?

“If it were Muslims that were targeted by Legahri I am certain many of the campaigners would find her crime too offensive for granting a pardon –  Christian lives are ostensibly less valuable in Pakistan.

“This pardon provides one clear message.  If you are considered elite in Pakistan you are above the law and are guaranteed impunity.  

It is hard to believe the deep-rooted hatred that Miss Leghari had towards Christians that led to her becoming a suicide recruit, has simply vanished.  Years down the line I pray we do not discover a series of ‘Shipman’ type deaths of Christians at any hospital she is employed by.

“I asked several Pakistani Christians whether they would trust a doctor who had previously attempted to bomb a Church on Easter Day, to administer care for them. It was no surprise to me that the unanimous response was a resounding no.”

While Noreen Legahri has been offered freedom and a new start of life another Noreen, Asia Noreen Bibi a Christian has been refused a fast-track
for her Supreme Court appeal of a blasphemy sentence (click here).
 The innocent mother of five has suffered the ignominy of seven years incarceration for a crime she never committed.  Read her full story (click here)

Mr Chowdhry, added:

“In this tale of two Noreen’s I will assume the majority of the calls from the West will be for clemency towards Asia Bibi.

“Mrs Bibi’s illustrated illiteracy would have limited her understanding of the provocation of her words to the growing number of zealots in Pakistan.

“Her words only challenge people to compare the sacrifice of Christ and its value to Christians in comparison to the nature of Muhammad’s life and its value to Muslims, yet she has been deemed a blasphemer.

“The lack of intent to expedite Asia Bibi’s case illustrates in no uncertain terms that hatred for Christians in Pakistan, manifests through all echelons of society.

“Judges are washing their hands of her case I don’t think any are brave enough to acquit Mrs Bibi.

“It seems the final decision will lie with the President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain through whom a last resort Presidential Pardon is mandated through the countries constitution. Sadly, I am not convinced he will be brave enough to fulfill his duty to Pakistan’s most hated citizen.”

British Pakistani Christian Association are calling for people to sign their petition calling for Asia Bibi’s freedom (click here)

If you would like to support the family of Asia Bibi please donate by clicking (here)

Noreen Laghari Exclusive Interview with Channel 92 after she was set free (click here). Full translation below (sic):

Host: Noreen Laghari has her first interview ever with any TV channel

Noreen Firstly I would like to congratulate because you have been set free and once again you are with your parents now.

People can see you from this platform so again I will congratulate for the new life.

We also have her Father Professor Jabar Sahab (Mashallah) Who himself is a teacher and teaches Chemistry in the University of Sindh.

Sir I congratulate you too and I welcome you in my programme today your daughter is with you for whom you were looking for many months. So, Congratulations

Noreen, we will start from you and you know what will be my first question to you

On 10th feb you left home for your university in Hyderabad. How did you reach Lahore from Hyderabad?

Noreen: I travelled through Daewoo (Bus service) I left home and caught a Rickshaw, reached the Bus stand and then Caught the Daewoo
bus to travel from Hyderabad to Lahore.

Host: Okay! You caught rickshaw reached bus stand caught the bus and reached Lahore okay now let’s go to the history tell me what
happened in Hyderabad what influenced you to travel to Lahore. You went for university and (Mashallah) we came to know that you are a brilliant student
and you are becoming doctor and you know that doctors are known as Saviour(Messiah) due to profession so what happened that you took the decision to
Migrate(Hijrat) what was that?

Noreen: Social Media took my mind away I was using social media a lot before then I saw pages on facebook and insta gram when I saw
the pages they completely diverted my mind I really liked them as I saw that how Khilafat has started so it took place in my mind that Khalifat will
be a good religious deed so then I went through the pages and liked them.

Host: You age 19 years old if I am not wrong?

Noreen: Yes!

Host: So how does the concept of Khilafat in such a young age took so strong roots in your mind? Did you contact any one on Social
media like facebook or Instagram as you are telling?

Noreen: Yes, I connected with these organizations and their people explained me for Khilafat.

Host: Did you contact them or they contacted you?

Noreen: No, they contacted me by sending me message firstly and then I told them that I want to Migrate (Hijrat) as I desired for
this so they said okay fine no problem we will help you with this so they said firstly you should be here in Lahore.

Host: Okay but you are saying that you already had the concept of Khilafat and Hijrat and they strengthened it more by contacting
you so how did you know that the people who are contacting you are the genuine people and are the right people contacting you because nowadays there
are a lot fake identities and fake people on social media?

Noreen: Those people told me a lot Islamic things so my trust got developed that these are the right people and in this way my connection
got strong and I took this path.

Host: Okay did you discuss this thing with someone among your friends or with anyone personally as you are doing MBBS from University?

Noreen: No not with any one.

Host: So, you will say that it was a completely individual act?

Noreen: Yes!

Host: (a question from Noreen’s father) Sir now I will come to you as Its obvious you went through a lot pain for a long period when
you didn’t know about Noreen that where she was so let’s keep that pain aside as we Thank God, she is with you now so tell me didn’t you feel any change
in the mindset of Noreen as she is saying that it was all alone her thoughts so did she ever shared?

Fahter of Noreen Laghari: Nothing as such happened in the previous history because since her childhood as she was with me since her
schooling college and university time so I never felt any change.

Host: Okay please tell how many children you have and is Noreen on second number among children?

Fahter of Noreen Laghari: Yes, I have three children and she on second number among children I have one son and two daughters. My
son is a civil engineer (Mashallah) then is Noreen in MBBS and lastly is my youngest daughter she is in class 7th we are small normal family.
Noreen sudden disappearance was shocking. As we never had such environment in our home I feel we lacked somewhere in her grooming that she got so much
influenced with the social media whereas I don’t think anyone among my family keeps any extremist thinking even we didn’t discuss such things ever
in home. So, when I found that she has suddenly disappeared so I approached police and the enforcing agencies and I sent a personal request on which
chief of Army staff was very responsive as DGMI took a great action to recover my daughter from those criminals and I will say that Islamic State in
Iraq and Syria (Da’esh) have no religion and their followers are diverting the minds of youth and approaching individuals to carry on their work so
they can’t be caught. So they are targeting so many through this and social media is such a vast thing now that you can keep an eye on your children
till 12 am at night but what He/she is searching on internet at night you can never know because every child is holding such electronic devices nowadays
and basically this thing gave space to Noreen to browse anything on internet and spoiled her thinking as she is very young to adopt anything she will
come across.

Note: (Here I will take a small break as we have Noreen and His Dad Jabar Laghari with us on the show the reason to conduct this
interview is to tell you that she is not a terrorist as she is becoming doctor by profession second year student of MBBS and how people are targeting
our young people and radicalizing them and you and save your children by keeping an eye over them, how you can keep an eye on their surrounding and
activities this is the message we want to send across this programme)

Host: Welcome back after break!!! Noreen when you were asked to travel from Hyderabad to Lahore or you were told an interpretation
of Islam which is not true so didn’t you try to research at your own that what they are telling me is where in Quran, which Hadith they are telling
me as you educated (Mashallah)

Noreen: Firstly, they quoted more Jihad verses which are present in Quran and they always said that we take all from Quran and the
videos which I saw consist of all I believed them even the interpretation they were giving as all the verses they use to tell were in Quran so I didn’t
find any difference to contradict.

Host: Okay so they use to provide you their own Quranic Interpretations and you believed saying that this is from Quran so it will
be right so what did you expect about Migration(Hijrat)?

Noreen: You know as we read in Hadith about Migration (Hijrat) so I wanted to Migrate ( Hijrat ) and it was in my mind to firstly
get Migrate (Hijrat) then will see what will happen. I just wanted to do the Migration (Hijrat) at any cost.

Host: Okay Do you regret now about what has happened? As you should be thankful to Allah as you were rescued from those terrorists
mostly died during operation as well so what do you think now that if Allah as blessed you with new life so what will be the purpose of it?

Noreen: Yes, I realize because only I know what I have seen there and what they wanted me to do.

Host: Okay what did you see?

Noreen: They wanted me to do Suicide bombing which is very strange thing for me and I saw that I trusted someone and now they are
breaking my trust so this was very strange for me so I am thankful to Allah that thanks to Pak Army that they have rescued me and now I have realized
that it was the wrong path they were taking me.

Host: Let me tell our viewers to that in the mid of 14th and 15th april night Noreen was rescued
and the next day it was decided to use her for the suicide bomber and Allah has truly blessed you with the new life. So, professor Sahab (Sir) So how
do take all these things as Allah has done mercy over and over your family by giving Noreen a new life.

Father of Noreen Jabar Laghari: No doubt Allah has done crore mercies over us. Let’s assume if ever she was used mistakenly as she
was unaware of what she is going to do for the sake of Migration (Hijrat) She would have never thought of this. This new operation of Pak Army Radd
ul Fassad remained a successful operation through which Noreen was rescued and the words are very less to thank Allah and Pak Army and now come to
the point that the interpretation of Quran they were doing or are doing I think there are two types of verses in Quran Pak one is Muhkam and other
is Mutashabih verses so what they do they use Mutashabih verses by giving them their own colour and make people to trust them so the weak minded people
are presented with this to motivate them so I think this motivational factor works and the hard work of Chief Army staff was incredible in the time
period of two months as we use to get clues about the places where Noreen can be kept possibly its really risky job to raid such places where people
get afraid to visit during the day time even so imagine how Pak army has reached there and till the last moment I wasn’t sure that Noreen can be the
part of terrorist group as I know my girl and till the end I was thinking that she has been kidnapped because she never showed up with any such thought
at kept all with herself only and made plans secretly to leave.

Host: Okay so its confirmed that Noreen never reached the Khilafat land and was Lahore only?

Noreen: Yes

Father of Noreen Laghari: Yes, it was confirmed coz We checked from Nadra about her passport so it was confirmed from Nadra no such
Passport was issued on her name.

Host: So, Noreen once you reached Lahore as you are telling that you were completely unaware that the people you are trusting those
people are going to use as a suicide bomber on Easter to blast in the Church to take the lives of innocent people so now what you think yourself about
this to target any Church and to take the life of many innocent people who are praying?

Father of Noreen Laghari: They were forcing her.

Host: Noreen did you refuse them?

Noreen: Yes I denied because I went for migration ( Hijrat) I asked them what is going on but they trapped me said its compulsory
with that.

Host: Did you try to escape from there?

Noreen: No, obviously, I tried to escape from there but they didn’t give me a chance go from there so then they trained me that its
compulsory and you just have to utter the Slogan (Allah U Akbar) and explode I said you didn’t tell me any such thing before but Alhamdulillah due
to the raid I was rescued.

Host: Okay so did they give you any training about the usage of weapon?

Noreen: No, they just told me about the Jacked that how I should unplug the pin I was just appointed this work from the organization.

Host: (The reason to conduct this interview is to alert you to keep an eye over young weak minded children as they have used Noreen
19 years by presenting them different translations saying its Islam and you should do that and that will take you to heaven. Talk to your children
do let your children develop wrong concepts. We will take a break now after break I will ask from Professor Sahab that what do he feel being a teacher
himself about this thing.)

Host: Welcome back after the break and now I would like to ask Professor Jabar about the duties being a teacher? How to groom the

Father of Noreen Laghari: There are millions of children coming to us for the sake of studies on daily basis and we supervise them
only teaching is not our duty but to understand the group and to help them understand the social aspect and other aspects too and it’s our wish to
help them groom better and to make them a good person and from last 20 years we are trying to do that and we have seen a tremendous change in the students
on moving towards elevated positions not only in Pakistan but in other great institutions of the world and it’s the duty of the teacher beside teaching.

Host: So, it’s better for our parents to have more and more interaction with their children on daily basis.

Father of Noreen Laghari: Yes of course

Host: So, Noreen are going to continue education and Will be doctor from the same university?

Noreen: Yes Inshallah

Host: Will you sense any difference your friends are going to keep from you

Noreen: Inshallah Not

Host: Okay Noreen there are many people watching you today through this programme so what message you will give to the viewers?

Noreen: I will request the viewers to keep me as an example in front of them and all those websites should be banned by the government
so that our youth do not divert there and the Islam they are spreading is not Islam.

Host: Yes, Islam is a peaceful religion and it does not say to do suicide bombing anywhere.

Noreen : I will become a doctor now Inshallah!